MailChimp - septiembre 12, 2019

MailChimp increases prices for loyal customers

Earlier this year, the email marketing service MailChimp changed its pricing model moving from an (active) subscriber-based model to one which is more typical in CRM:
Charging based on how many contacts you have (even if they are unsubscribed).

Current customers were “grandfathered” with their old pricing based on active subscriber counts. If you had a paid MailChimp account before the new pricing model was introduced, your plan is called a “legacy plan”.

But yesterday, a new email was sent bringing the (probably planned all along) new bad news of a price hike anyway.

It seems to be about 15%-20% extra.

The email looked like this.

mailchimp pricing

For an account with approx 10K subscribers, you are now (even on the “legacy” plan) paying $94,99.

In an odd turn of events, another user reported that depending on how many unsubscribed users you have, the legacy plans could cost more than the new plan.

MailChimp is the biggest email marketing provider in the market, and we are pretty certain that most of the current clients will stay on.
But for those email marketers who were already not super happy, MailChimp has to consider (and probably already did) that these will start to look at MailChimp Alternatives, like for instance SendinBlue or MailerLite

An account with 15,000 active subscribers would cost $174 per month under the legacy plan. Accounts with the new audience definition pay $159.00 per month for 15,000 audience members.

In the email is referred to a calculator, but not linked – we are still looking to find that legacy cost calculator.

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