Litmus shows off redesign with new email production workflow

Litmus presented the new version of their solution at its Litmus Live conference in Boston. The redesigned version of the Litmus platform is more streamlined and offers the email marketing production workflow step by step in one view.

It also debuts additional functionality with customizable folders to organize campaigns and aggregated reporting in Analytics.

Create folders and subfolders to centralize and sort emails

If you send a lot of email, you can now organize your campaigns with customizable folders and subfolders. Organize by client, department, campaign type, or anything you want really. Set up a file structure that works for your team. The centralized files might be extra interesting if you are working across multiple Email marketing software providers, but want one central spot to organize and store emails.

litmus campaign development folders

Streamlined workflow

Litmus now connects previously separate components for email design, testing, and review. Marketers can create an email in Builder, then switch between different tools inside Litmus. Feedback can be gotten via Litmus Proof, checked for errors in Litmus Checklist, update the email code in Litmus Builder, and analyze/reporting in Analytics.

llitmus tabbed nav

This makes it easier for marketers to collaborate and simplify approvals, eliminating the back and forth of hopping between tools like before. Litmus Builder, Proof, Checklist, and Email Analytics are now integrated into one view.

Central Status overview and task lists

Within Litmus, you can now view the status of every project in one place and see which campaigns still need work. The new email Summary view lets users set due dates, descriptions, and statuses for each email they are working on.

litmus status and folderview

The new, customizable task lists are like a to-do list for the team’s email production process (quite literally). Task templates make it easier to standardize your processes.

Spam pre-send testing is integrated into Litmus Checklist
Pre-send spam testing is a part of Email Deliverability improvement. You can check if there are any signs your email might end up in the spam folder, instead of the inbox. Before, if you wanted to check if your campaign might trigger a spam filter you had to manually start a new test in Litmus Spam Testing. Now, it is integrated into Litmus Checklist, making spam checks an easier step in the pre-send Quality Assurance workflow.

Aggregated reporting

Aggregated reporting provides email analytics data to measure performance and campaign trends across all your email campaigns so you can compare share engagement metrics, set your benchmarks and optimize future email campaigns.

Also, the integrations with several email service providers are improved. Litmus mentioned popular ESPs like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, Eloqua, Marketo, and Campaign Monitor. With the chrome plugin, you can edit the emails where they are and sync them between Litmus and your email marketing platforms.

litmus email marketing functionality


The redesigned Litmus platform is available standard for all new clients, current clients can get used to the new version and switch back and forth directly from the interface after logging in.

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