Lazbro develops suppresion list management tool Data Duster

LazBro released a new Data Duster Tool feature this week. The Lazbro Data Duster allows for email list supression management where that wasn’t possible before.

With the Data Duster Tool, email marketers can scrub their email lists against their Master Suppression List. Once the file is scrubbed, users are presented with a download link to a zip-compressed archive of their scrubbed file. This allows for the “dusted” data to be used in other systems.

The data duster will also give Email Playground clients the ability to upload lists and scrub it against the Brand’s own Opt-Outs suppression Opt-Outs, Unsubscribes and Undeliverable address database. It will also allow to upload a list of email addresses and remove consumers who have chosen to opt-out of a brand’s marketing database or any other any other kind of email addresses they would like to see supressed.


While at this time presented as a functionality within their Silverpop Email Playground, the Data Duster Tool is designed to work with any email service provider and therefore be platform-agnostic. Data Duster is available for clients and as a standalone tool, Application Access is based on a SaaS model with a tiered fee based on number of users.

Jennifer Lazarus: “The typical use-case is in the instance of a franchise or a brand with multiple locations where non-marketing department employees are sending out emails to a segmented list.

For example, a hotel client may have the Corporate Marketing database, but each property has a list for General Reservations, Food & Beverage, the Spa, Groups, Travel Agents. This allows the individual department managers to scrub their list of contacts against the Brand’s Master Suppression list or add to the Master Suppression Lists.”

Lazbro Data Duster details

Clients can upload the to be supressed lists in CSV, Tab, or Pipe delimited formats, which will then be scrubbed against their Master Suppression List. In addition, uploaded lists of email addresses can be added to the Master Suppression list through a simple upload of a CSV file through the Opt-Out Tool, to ease the flow of data managed by non-technical email marketers.

Silverpop Email Playground

Lazbro designed and built the Email Playground with non-technical users of the Silverpop Engage platform in mind. Through the Email Playground interface email marketers are to be able to create, schedule and deploy emails using a more user friendly WYSIWYG environment, while still taking advantage of the functionality Silverpop’s Engage platform has to offer.

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