InfusionSoft Adds Invoices and Payments to CRM

Earlier this year InfusionSoft introduced invoicing to their platform and is complimenting it with direct payments now. Invoicing and payments add to CRM side of InfusionSoft. Marketing automation platforms usually don’t have this.

The features were first presented at the InfusionSoft conference ICON in 2015. In 2017 some on their blog for the rollout of payments for e-commerce, now it is full out there.

infusionsoft payments

It looks like Infusionsoft is trying to become the “only platform you’ll ever need” for small business owners. According to InfusionSoft, to reduce the juggling between tools for managing customer interactions. InfusionSoft Invoicing helps small business owners to:

  • Create branded invoices with the right logo, colours, etc.
  • Track invoices according to their status, that is, viewed, sent, paid or overdue.
  • Keep track of customer debts

The company also has a payments platform lets have a look.

InfusionSoft payments

Here is a video outlining the “struggle” of small businesses and how the invoicing works.

As you can see, according to InfusionSoft, many small businesses struggle because of cash flow issues. They lose productive hours receiving payments through cash or cheques and managing customer debt information manually. InfusionSoft recently launched InfusionSoft Payments that accepts digital payments in addition to managing invoices and quotes.


Infusionsoft payments
This tool has the following key features:

  1. Connect and receive payments to your bank account
  2. Create an estimate or an invoice
  3. Convert an estimate into an invoice
  4. Accept credit card payments
  5. Set up personalized auto-reminders

Connect and receive payments to your bank account

Keeping small businesses in mind,  Infusionsoft Payments accepts credit card payments and transfers them to the right bank account. The user can set up and customize payments by choosing countries and payment types.

infusionsoft payments

Create an estimate or an invoice

InfusionSoft Payments is designed to create and send invoices quickly. It gives users an option to create a ‘Pay Now’ button in the invoice.

Convert an estimate into an invoice

The platform provides users with an option to convert a quote into an invoice with one click.

infusionsoft payments

Accept credit card payments

Small business owners can save time and receive immediate invoice payments using the following features of InfusionSoft Payments:

  1. Online order form or shopping cart
  2. ‘Pay Now’ button on the invoice

Users can accept payments on their mobile device by typing card information or swiping the card with the InfusionSoft Bluetooth Card Reader  – free InfusionSoft Payments users in the US.

Schedule personalized, automatic reminders and emails

Small businesses usually have a hard time following up clients for payments. Follow-up calls can take their toll on time and resources. Designed for simpler and faster payments, InfusionSoft helps users to schedule and automate payment reminder emails. The tool allows users to:

  1. Personalize reminder messages
  2. Customize email messages by adding ‘Thank You’ notes and requesting user feedback on the service.

Pricing and availability

InfusionSoft Payments is available for free to all of InfusionSoft’s existing users. It does not require any integrations. It charges 2.9 percent of the transaction value plus $.30 per transaction.

For now, the InfusionSoft’s Bluetooth Card Reader is available only in the United States. Payments is only available for E-commerce customers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

Who is the online payment platform for

InfusionSoft Payments is for small business owners. It has basic invoicing features and works well for those looking to manage CRM and invoicing together. They are starting off small for their own users in E-commerce. You can’t help but wonder if this could be a new (separate) line of business for InfusionSoft over time. We imagine there must be a ton of money in payments and invoicing. Think of a small Paypal, especially once the platform is opened up to more users.

Upcoming features

After the initial launch, InfusionSoft plans to quickly add a couple of must-have features. Scheduling of invoices and recurring invoices and the application of discounts and taxes on invoices.

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