Beefree - abril 22, 2020

New embeddable whitelabel Page Builder by BEE

BEE, a part of the Growens group, expanded its offering of embeddable tools with the launch of BEE Page Builder. It is a drag-and-drop landing page editor for Saas in 2020.

The Page Builder allows marketers to quickly create responsive landing pages, one-page websites, surveys, etc.

Other SaaS applications can also white label and embed/offer it in their software, so customers can have a friendly tool to use.

free whitelabel Page Builder bee

You might know BEE from their email builder, which is already found in more than 600 SaaS applications and used by over 1,000,000 people via their offering at

Note: On August 30, 2023, BEE changed its name to Beefree along with a rebrand. Now the BEE Plugin is called Beefree SDK. Check out to learn more.

Whitelabel embeddable Page Builder

It is a logical step for BEE to now offer a page builder. The page builder is made on the same technological foundation of the email builder. And marketers often need both emails and landing pages as part of their campaigns, so it makes sense that SaaS apps adopt both. The combo of BEE products will give customers a similar user experience for designing email and landing pages.

BEE also developed several features that come handy when designing landing pages.

  • Add forms to your landing pages. There is a new form block in the builder, and with the design tools you can style your forms and place them in your landing pages;
  • Embed and show videos on your landing pages with the new video block. You can playback videos hosted on Youtube and Vimeo, or point to a hosted video in MP4 format;
  • An HTML block with the ability to incorporate scripts, like for instance an embeddable SurveyMonkey or Typeform survey.

You can see that forms, videos, and scripts are things you could do on landing pages, but not in email.

What can you build with BEE Page Builder?

Well, you are actually completely free to build whatever type of page you’d like. For example, marketers can use the builder to create splash and landing pages with BEE:

  • Product showcase or teaser page
  • Disclaimer (e.g. age verification)
  • Event registration or sign up
  • Landing page for gated content like whitepapers
  • Newsletter subscription page
  • Customer survey
  • Booking requests

What is next on the roadmap for the page builder?

What is next for BEE Page Builder? The team is already working on adding additional content blocks to expand the potential of what users can do with the Page Builder. You can expect the following from their development team:

    • in-page navigation. In page navigation can help with the modern layout of one-page sites (graphically different sections that feel like different pages, but that are just parts of the same page);
    • Icons to create standard designs for landing pages, such as star ratings, feature lists, testimonial logos, etc.

Availability & Pricing

BEE Page Builder is available as a part of the BEE Pro and BEE Plugin and has a free version. Paid plans are based on included users and features and start from $30/month.

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