Postmastery - agosto 12, 2019

New EmailAudit deliverability checking tool

Postmastery released their improved email deliverability checker tooling called EmailAudit earlier this year. Good senders should get their emails delivered. With this free tool, email senders can check if their email is properly set up for successful delivery. Or if there are any technical problems to fix.

The deliverability tool is simple to use. Once you start, it gives you an email address to send your email to, just like you normally would. The tool analyses that mail in an instant and gives a link to the full technical deliverability report.

The outcomes are color-coded, meaning a green mark is validated correctly, yellow marked subjects can be improved and red marked topics needs to be fixed as soon as possible. So you end up with a color coded strip of deliverability improvements. Here is an example how the deliverability report looks:

The tool looks at all the major parts of the email:

  • Reputation: Checks on external blacklist and reputation sources;
  • Connection: Checks on reverse DNS (PTR) record, forward DNS (A) record and Transport Layer Security (TLS);
  • Envelope: Checking various elements on the envelope sender address;
  • DKIM: Check of DKIM signature;
  • Header: Check on From header and List-unsubscribe header;
  • DMARC: Check on DMARC record and alignment;
  • Content: Check on email encoding.

Each part contains a number of checks. The results are detailed and show the source of the problem. So with EmailAudit you can check your email against email deliverability best practices and you will get a detailed report with results and suggestions for improvements.

Is my email blacklisted?

Here is an example of an email reputation and blacklists check in EmailAudit. As you can see this sender is listed on two important blacklists. The results have a link you can click on to see more about the issue and explanation what it means exactly.

Free email deliverability check

EmailAudit is a free email deliverability checker. So everyone can use it for free for three times in 24 hours.

Following email best practices is an important prerequisite for good and sustainable deliverability. So that is why you should have them correct and check every once in a while even if you haven’t seen any deliverability problems (yet).

Go and try the deliverability check tool here.

About Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant and analyst. He is the founder of Email Vendor Selection and specializes in smart email marketing, online marketing strategy, software selection, campaign management, optimisation and RFP / vendor selection. He tested, reviewed, and wrote about 100+ business software including email marketing services, CRMs, ecommerce platforms, and online course creators. Published in-depth email marketing guides for financial service, ecommerce, travel, restaurant, and fashion industries.
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