New Email testing collaboration and permissions tools in Email on Acid

Email on Acid is one of the best-known email testing tools to manage the email creation and Quality assurance process. They offer email render previews, email proofing, and deliverability checks.

Recently Email on Acid released an additional update on their collaboration tools to make the whole email testing process a lot smoother.

Live commenting and Email Approvals

With the new live commenting function you don’t need to leave the email testing platform to comment and discuss email improvements with other team members or external stakeholders. Streamline and accelerate the review process with Comments and approvals.

The web-based collaboration and feedback functionality will keep a history of all notes and comments. There is also a voting function (thumbs up / down) for email previews to see if people agree / what they most like.

email on acid email testing user permissions

Team Management tools and permissions

The EoA Team Management functionality helps users efficiently manage email marketing teams in the email creation process. It brings organization, permissions, and user management to the EoA. Users can now organize their campaigns for easy access and set custom user permissions.

email on acid collaboration

The Team Management tool lets you organize campaigns. Segment your projects in different folders and user permission levels. Ensure the right team members have access and reviewing the right emails (but not any other).

This is also an important feature for email marketing agencies concerned with client security. Determine what your clients can see—and access—with our new tool.


Last year Email on Acid updated its Campaign Precheck workflow to include email previews and made it customizable. In 2019 they already added deliverability and spam tests so users can check (as well as you could do) that emails will reach subscribers’ inboxes. And now the addition of multiple collaboration and permission functions.

All new features are available to users on the Pro accounts. Premium will have access to the project folder organization and commenting on email previews.

About Jordie van Rijn

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