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E-goi now offers free SMS pack with email plans

You might know about the Freemium model for email marketing systems. E-goi has now included a free SMS pack for their current clients. Stimulating the use of the SMS function in their email platform. Email marketers can now send a volume of SMS integrated with any email campaign at no extra cost.

Miguel Gonçalves, CEO of E-goi: “Having in mind a whopping 98% of text messages get opened and read (compared to an average of 22% for email), all within 5-10 seconds of being received, SMS is the perfect match for email marketers. If those open rates seem far-fetched to you, how quickly do you reach for your phone when the SMS tone rings? Yep, there you go :)”


SMS packs with subscription

The new SMS packs are provided every month free of charge. As an example, users signing up for their Pro email plan get 500 SMS as a bonus, plus another 500 SMS batch every time their plan renews. Unused messages don’t rollover, encouraging users to add SMS broadcasts to their ongoing email strategy by texting away every month. Of course hoping that subscribers will embrace the technique after they see it is effective and start sending more SMS.


Marketers can send out both standard texts and E-goi’s own technique called SmartSMS. The latter features trackable images, forms and videos, plus the ability to trigger automation workflows (sending an email, tagging a contact, etc.) based on whether recipients open or click through the text they receive.

A few SMS/SmartSMS usage examples:

  • Automatically text a birthday message to clients or subscribers.
  • Send an SMS to customers who didn’t open the email campaign sent the previous day.
  • Auto-text a discount voucher to loyal customers a couple months after they registered at a store.
  • Send a “we miss you” survey via SMS to dormant subscribers and learn how to win them back.
  • Text subscribers a scannable QR code they can easily show on arrival at an event or tradeshow.
  • Add pics, videos and landing pages to SMS messages and find out who views them and clicks through.

E-goi explained that they see mobile as the nexus of the entire customer experience in the next few years, with email, SMS and push messaging all converging into the user’s smartphone screen. SMS is a familiar way for marketers and retailers to ease their transition into this market. E-goi’s text bundle aims to make adoption simple and fully integrated with current email marketing campaigns.

About Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant and analyst. He is the founder of Email Vendor Selection and specializes in smart email marketing, online marketing strategy, software selection, campaign management, optimisation and RFP / vendor selection. He tested, reviewed, and wrote about 100+ business software including email marketing services, CRMs, ecommerce platforms, and online course creators. Published in-depth email marketing guides for financial service, ecommerce, travel, restaurant, and fashion industries.
Named one of "50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch" by Entrepreneur magazine. Companies like Scania, KLM, Unilever, AEGON, CZ, FNV, NRC Media have asked me for advice.


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