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BEE launches Dark Mode preview to make your emails bulletproof

BEE is a drag & drop design tool that can export responsive emails and landing pages to any marketing platform. Recently they released a feature for Dark Mode Previews. Gone are the days when you had to send test emails to a client with dark mode on just to get an idea of what your emails will look like.

Note: On August 30, 2023, BEE changed its name to Beefree along with a rebrand. Check out to learn more.

Preview emails in dark mode in the BEE email editor

Dark Mode Preview

Dark mode websites, apps, and operating systems have become popular in recent years. And there are good reasons for that. We’re glued to our devices and that causes serious eye strain. Dark mode is great to reduce eye strain.

Being easier on the eyes is the main reason why people use dark mode according to a study by Thomas Steiner. Other benefits include less battery usage, enhanced accessibility, and reduced screen brightness. So clearly, it’s great for users. How about email marketers and email developers?

Why people use dark mode on their devices

Dark Mode Email

There are three different ways email clients change the look of your emails when dark mode is enabled on a device:

  1. No color changes: Dark mode has no impact on how emails are viewed. Apple Mail, Yahoo, and use this method.
  2. Partial invert: The email client detects light-colored elements in your email and turns them dark. Outlook is the most notable client using this.
  3. Full color invert: Email clients like Gmail will turn light elements to dark and vica versa.

Light and dark mode (partial invert) side by side comparison

Considering all this when designing emails is challenging unless you have the right tool. BEE introduced the new Dark Mode preview toggle. The toggle makes designing emails that work in both modes much easier. Having a dark mode preview right in the editor as you build your emails saves tons of time on testing.

It will help you spot common design mistakes and provide a consistent reading experience for your contacts regardless of their preferred mode.

What is BEE?

In case you haven’t heard about it. BEE is one of the most popular responsive drag and drop email editors. It uses templates and blocks to build responsive emails and landing pages. BEE doesn’t send emails. For that, you’ll need to connect BEE with your email marketing platform. The BEE plugin is an embeddable email builder that’s built into lots of ESPs and marketing automation tools.

Availability and Pricing

The Dark Mode preview toggle is available on all plans, including the free version and the BEE plugin. Sign up here and test dark mode previews today.

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