Copernica releases first version of their new drag-and-drop editor

Copernica Marketing Software users can create email templates using a new drag-and-drop interface. With the new functionality, email marketers can create fully responsive emails by dragging and dropping content-blocks into their email template.

Content is added in the form of ‘content-blocks’, which can be added and then moved within the template. The style of the content-block can then be adjusted and personalised. No HTML knowledge required.

Drag and Drop Editor building blocks

The editor uses content-blocks, currently these include button, text, image, divider, spacer, unsubscribe and webversion blocks. It is also possible to add columns in the same way. A column block divides a ‘row’ a maximum of four columns, which can be filled with any of the content-blocks items. Additional content blocks such as a header or footer block and customised blocks will be added in the future.


The style of the template can be set as a whole or per individual content-block. Currently there are several basic styling options, the more advanced options will be added in the future.

Here is a video showcasing the new drag and drop editor.

Personalisation in the Drag and Drop email Editor

Emails created in the new Copernica editor can also be personalised. In the cuurent version of the email software editor it is possible to personalise text by adding Smarty code based on the profile fields in a linked database. An email marketer can, for example, personalise the addressee with “Dear {$Firstname}” or the company name by adding “{$Companyname}”. This will retrieve the value provided by the Firstname or Companyname field in the linked database. This is possible with all fields in a database.

In a future update these personalisation options will be possible through a simple right-click menu, which makes it easier to personalise the email based on profile fields.

Use of dynamic content in your newsletter

With the new drag and drop editor users can show content-blocks (text, image, columns etc.) based on values within a profile. After an email is linked to a database it the marketer can personalise the template based on all fields in the email database. For instance send a newsletter with content based on variables such as gender and age. This is done through a menu where users can add conditions.

Editor 5

Automatically Responsive emails

Emails created in the new editor can be sent right away or be scheduled for deployment on a later date. The editor automatically outputs responsive emails, that will adjust based on the device the receiver opens their email with. The user can preview the design on multiple devices in the preview mode of the new drag and drop editor. In the preview mode spam and validation checks are available to improve the deliverability of the email campaign or send a test email.

Editor 6

Upcoming Features and availability

The editor is in beta, however all the basic functions of creating an email template are already implemented.

An email marketer can design a personalised responsive email already, but new more advanced features will be added later by Copernica. Automated emails are on the roadmap for the later stages of development. Meanwhile the current editor will stay available for all users.

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