Convertkit - julio 13, 2020

ConvertKit Commerce: A new way to sell digital products for Creators

Convertkit is about to launch its new feature called ConvertKit Commerce. According to the ConvertKit team it has been in “silent production” for a long time and they are pretty excited about it.

What is ConvertKit Commerce?

ConvertKit Commerce is a way to offer and sell your digital products online. With ConvertKit Commerce, creators can build a subscriber base, engage and grow their audience, and (now also) sell digital products, all through the ConvertKit platform.

ConvertKit Commerce (as far we can see) allows you to offer and sell digital products and services with hosted landing pages. So, you don’t need a website. Upload your offer, fill the page, product, and thank you page and you’re off. This is particularly interesting for the creators that are mostly on social.

Simple selling tools are very welcome for those of us Creators, that need to be closing a bit more, to make a living.

With ConvertKit Commerce you can use a link and promote your digital products via social directly. Or you can embed a “buy now” button and include product offerings on your website. You might feel the setup and features are akin to a Stripe or Gumroad.

But here is the product manager, Sai, with a sneak peek showing off the ConvertKit Commerce functionality.

Id you want examples of digital products to sell you can think of include ebooks, online courses, PDFs, newsletter subscriptions, documentaries, albums, presets, photography, films, and more.

Just thinking about that, the option to sell newsletter subscriptions does open up a new use in way that for instance Patreon or Substack is offering memberships. Actually the CEO of convertKit Nathan Berry, had something to remark on just that.

Join the beta list for Convertkit Commerce

ConvertKit has opened up their beta waitinglist, looking for creators that are already selling digital products or creators who want to start selling a digital product to partner with the beta test our new ConvertKit Commerce tool.

The first invites for beta testing will go out on July 15 for creators in the United States. If you want to be one of the first people to get access, join the waitlist by signing up here.

Post-Purchases and Revenue tracking feature

It is very likely that purchases in ConvertKit Commerce will have access to Post-Purchase Experience Revenue tracking like currently with their Purchases feature for eCommerce.
That means you can have a purchase of a specific product, or ANY product be the entry point in an Automation. Have Customers go through a post-sales funnel after they purchase a product from you.

You can also see the exact revenue amounts for a specific Subscriber, along with the names of the products they have purchased. This has not been confirmed yet, but it make sense that you can create a Segment, or filter Subscribers, based on the items they’ve purchased.

Lots is still unknown, like pricing etc, we’ll update as more info comes available.

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