Benchmark Email - octubre 30, 2018

Benchmark Email Introduces Contact Rating

Benchmark email has introduced contact rating in its email marketing tool. The feature scores contacts with a rating between 0-5 stars depending on the level of engagement. It helps email marketers to know who’s interacting with their campaigns and who’s not.

contact rating

How does star rating work?

The more a contact engages with an email campaign, the more stars she gets. A contact that has not clicked or opened any campaign gets just one star. A click or an open entitles the contact 2 stars and so on.

The tool calculates contact rating using all the emails sent in a 90-day period. It includes emails that are sent using the Benchmark Email Automation Lite and Automation Pro features.

Run segmented campaigns

The feature has been introduced to help email marketers run more targeted campaigns. Users can segment campaigns on a low rating (0-2 stars) or a high rating (3-5 stars). It’s also possible to set custom criteria to add ratings to contacts.

contact rating

Marketers can use this segmentation to send win back emails to audiences who have a low rating, for instance with contests and giveaway emails. They can send out conversion centric or appreciation emails to those who have a higher star rating. Giving their highest rating subscribers the VIP email marketing treatment, including special offers or discounts.

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