AWeber - agosto 30, 2017

Aweber adds tagging segmentation functionality

Aweber announced a new feature to its email marketing and automation platform. This will let users add tags, in order to segment their email lists and send more targeted emails.

Email segmentation with subscriber tagging

The subscribers get tagged based on their preferences and actions. Then, marketers can build segmented audiences from those tags to send targeted emails.

Email segmentation by tagging allows for two uses:

  1. Split and select lists to send more targeted, personalized content.
  2. Sending autoresponder messages based on tags.

Scheduled email series

With Aweber users can set up and schedule a sequence of automatic emails. The new tagging segmentation feature also works with such automated triggers or drip campaigns. These can be e.g. welcome or product launch series, or an educational course.

Aweber screenshot

Example use of tagging feature

Let’s say the marketer using Aweber is a food blogger. His/her most popular incentive to sign up is a 7-day vegan meal recipes course.

  1. After the subscribers sign up for the campaign, they receive the tags “vegan” and “vegan_7daycourse”.
  2. The blogger sends vegan recipes to them for 7 days. (it is triggered on tag applied)
  3. When the 7-day campaign is over, the marketer can keep sending them blast emails, like the latest blog posts. But he/she can also easily select who got this course. Additional tags can show who was really active and read most of the recipes (recipe fans!). And the blogger can keep sending them more recipes.
  4. The marketer can send them targeted emails when he/she selects the tag “vegan”.

Aweber videoSee video explaining tagging on the aweber automation page

Pricing and availability

The tagging is available now. AWeber is introducing the tagging feature included and at no extra cost to their customers. There are no different package tiers all Aweber features are available at the point of sign up no matter the size of their email subscriber base.

For a full overview of the platform, have a look at our complete AWeber review.

About Beata Linz

Beata worked for Nike for 10 years, where she grew the email marketing channel to a substantial sales driver, a brand and content marketing tool. Her experience expands to the intercultural European and global marketplace.

Beata has a background in digital and brand marketing and their connection to the email channel. She believes that consistent marketing messaging across all channels and seamless end-to-end consumer journey lead to successful results and happy consumers.

Beata has “gone solo” with her own consultancy to develop digital marketing strategies. Helping brands reaching their goals and their consumers in a meaningful way. May it be strategic planning, optimization, and analysis to tactical executions Beata has a hands-on approach.


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