Automations by Mailmunch 

Mailmunch is a landing page builder that recently launched its new automation tool. eCommerce store owners can now connect their forms and have control over their communications with prospects and customers from within Mailmunch. 

What does MailMunch Automations do?

With Automations in Mailmunch, marketers can build and design automated journeys for prospects, subscribers and customers.

With Automations, you can trigger communications to your prospects based on specific dates, duration, behavior, the information you have about your leads, and how they engage with your previous communications. The marketing automation part is there to build consistent one-to-one customer journeys based on the (zero party) data you have gathered on your prospects.

Types of journey Triggers for ecommerce

In Automations, you can build journeys based on different types of triggers according to the behavior of your contacts and the nature of their journey. For instance in your ecommerce program or Shopify store.

1. Checkout Created 
This trigger can create a journey for users who are starting their checkout process. You can add triggers for thank you emails on purchase completion. Or abandon cart / uncompleted check out follow ups. 

2. Contact Created
On new contact creation, addition to an email list or upload to ecommerce store, you can trigger and start an automated journey. Send welcome emails, add timers to delay and send discount or coupon emails. Send products offers to entice them to make a purchase.

3. Tag assigned
Another useful trigger is “Tags Assigned”. Tagging allows marketers to quickly segment, label or select for filtering. You can then have a much more precise and clearer targeting emails or other communication with higher conversion rates. 

4. List assigned
You can also use triggers based on lists called “List Assigned”. Lists can be used for emailing, adding prospects to nurture programs, subscriptions, and, the big one, segmentation. You can segment specific emails to specific lists and trigger your actions accordingly.

mailmunch drag and drop automation journey builder

A visual automation flow tool

Automations is a visual flow tool where you can design customer journeys like welcome series, email campaigns, cart abandonment campaigns, etc. You can track customer behavior and target people accordingly.

  • With the drag and drop tool, you can add particular triggers and fast-track your communication.
  • Set goals and keep on top of whether or not your customers reach those goals. 
  • Use journey splits to determine specific actions to take and specify wait times between each journey’s steps.

The process of setting up a journey is relatively simple and doesn’t require any coding or technical skills. You can drag and drop your way to an elaborate and comprehensive customer journey. You can have a complete understanding of the tool here.

You can get started with Automations over at MailMunch here.

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