Get some Augmented Reality Email buzz with Movable Ink

Movable Ink is bringing a bit of Augmented Reality (AR) to email (and other channels). The company we know from their dynamic imaging and such, recently launched a new addition in the form of an augmented reality experience application. In short, the app lets users create branded selfies to then have fun with, and share.

With AR face filter and AR frame, marketers can create branded AR experiences for their audience. It all runs browser-based, so users don’t need any type of mobile app or special plugin, which used to be a show / conversion stopper.

The AR experiences can be linked to from email, web or display ads. It has been integrated into the Movable Ink “visual experience platform”. (BTW, great name that Visual Experience Platform, everybody can do with a bit more VEP in their life, non? )

Here is a recording of the AR creation process.

Current Augmented Reality based apps released:

• Frame App: Create graphic overlays to add to camera images. You can build unique experiences by dragging and dropping static images and animated gifs into the camera frame.
• Face Filter App: Generate graphic overlays that position to the customer’s face. The user interaction is also design with drag-and-drop.
• Reporting: Stats are gathered so you can measure the impact of the AR campaigns. Track the number of opens, pictures taken, shares and see the effect of your campaigns.

Movable ink’s Frame and Face AR apps
This isn’t the most sophisticated AR you can find, but it’s good fun and might be a pretty engaging experience for your subscribers.

Movable Ink says that it saw (up to) 40 percent increase in open rates. Half of email openers spend more than a minute engaging with the AR experience.

For an example we turn to email marketing in the travel industry. Say a customer signs up for a holiday trip. A few days before the departure they get a pre-trip email.

The email takes you to the AR app where you can take a picture of yourself, standing in front of that holiday background. “Wishing you were here”.

Clients can share the personalized images on social media and generate some buzz for the brand.

The Movable Ink functions are available right now to all Movable Ink clients. Think we have to ask for a “Live” link and start playing around. As always, to be continued….

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