AMP forms in Email? Stripo launches AMP forms & real-time content

Recently responsive email builder Stripo released its new Drag-n-Drop AMP block to create forms inside your email.

With these interactive AMP forms, brands collect user feedback directly inside their email. Let me just emphasize that: Forms inside email newsletters. so no clicking to a landing page, you see the form in then email and fill it in inside the email. That was not really possible until there was AMP for email.

The AMP for email form function in Stripo is descriptively named… here it comes… “Form”.

Here is an example of a AMP form in action:

At the same time Stripo also launched its feature Data Source for delivering real-time content.

What is Stripo?

For those who don’t know. Stripo is one of the most popular advanced responsive email editors. It uses drag-and-drop blocks and templates to compose responsive emails. Form is one of those functional blocks. Stripo doesn’t send email itself, instead, you can build emails to use with your own email marketing platform. Stripo email builder app is integrated with over 45 ESPs and CRMs.

How about this Interactive email AMP form block?

Dynamic forms allow brands to asks users for their opinions, needs, and expectations from your brand directly in emails.

The idea is that these forms in the email tend to collect 5 times more reviews and feedback than traditional questionnaires that you post on your website or external forms that you build with third-party tools.

What does this new AMP Drag-n-Drop Form block do?
With the Stripo block Form, you can for instance:

  • track NPS;
  • get customers’ feedback;
  • Get customer profile updates/preferences
  • ask users to rate your services/products.

According to the team at the email template builder, creating and designing these interactive forms is very quick.
Set up the form in 10 minutes or less, that doesn’t include having a cup of coffee in between of course.

How do marketers see the answers / responses?

All responses that email marketers get from their clients can be stored either in Stripo, in Google a Spreadsheet, Zapier, or any other external data storage — you can choose when building a form.

(Google Spreadsheet, connected via Zapier)
Email marketers can actually use have the answers stored in multiple data stores at the same time if they want.

Data Source for delivering real-time content

Real-time content gets updated the moment a user opens your email. That allows for some Gamification and helps diversify email newsletters to increase customer engagement.

But to build and deliver real-time content in AMP you need to set CORS headers for your emails and create endpoints on your server for all AMP campaigns.

Stripo released its Data Source functionality — they do all the setting of CORS headers and building of end-points.

On their blog, Stripo shows how to work with its Data Source.


Both AMP Form block and Data Source functionality are included in any Stripo pricing plan.

What’s on Stripo roadmap?

The Stripo team is now working on the new version of its editor — Stripo email template builder 2.0. It is expected to include many more email builder functions. (but they aren’t going into too much detail at the moment) one thing, you can expect a lot more AMP.

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