ActiveCampaign - julio 22, 2014

ActiveCampaign CRM: Deals & Sales Automation for SMBs

ActiveCampaign has released their new CRM sales pipeline and contact scoring, which is directly built into the ActiveCampaign system.

A simple approach to a CRM workflow

Jason VandeBoom over at ActiveCampaign shares that the team took a very simple approach to the CRM work flow: “We wanted something that we would love to use internally and that would cater towards small and medium sized businesses.”

Here is a screenshot of the deals / pipeline view, which might remind you of a Trello “todo list” dashboard.


Custom Deal pipelines

Within the new CRM marketers can create custom deal pipelines, stages, task types, etc. As a lead comes into ActiveCampaign it can be placed into a pipeline. A marketer or sales manager could then move it to different stages as the sales process advances. The Active Campaign automations being there to help move, update, and prioritize deals.
A sales agent can send individual emails from within ActiveCampaign or connect any email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc..). Once connected you will see all related sent and received emails automatically within the Deal stream.


Multiple entry points for Marketing Automation

Previously the ActiveCampaign ESP system would only allow you to start an automation from four different entry points and only pick one at a time. With the new release, the automations allows multiple entry points. A marketer can have a dozen start options and choose multiple options for when each automation will begin.

Contact & Lead Scoring from within the ActiveCampaign platform

At the same time ActiveCampaign introduced Contact & Lead Scoring within their platform functionality. It is available in all the Sales & CRM subscription plans and pricing starts at $19/month billed annually for small sales teams. The scoring system allows dynamic increase and decreases of a score based on any marketing channel that you integrate with. So the score can be adjusted based on campaign interactions, individual email interactions, traffic/history on your website, custom events, sales data, etc.


Jason VandeBoom “People have been begging us to add some form of contact scoring within ActiveCampaign. We always agreed it would be nice, but we didn’t want to release some mediocre scoring system that just increments based on clicks and opens.”

A look towards future ActiveCampaign functionality

ActiveCampaign currently integrates with several CRM providers. Expect more CRM updates in the near future. The syncing of data with other CRM’s is something the Active Campaign tells us it is working on as well. Once that functionality is added to the ActiveCampaign software platform, it will allow the marketer to use a different CRM for sales activity while using ActiveCampaign as the marketing/ marketing automation engine.

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