ActiveCampaign - marzo 25, 2019

ActiveCampaign Conversations: Real Time site chat and engagement

ActiveCampaign introduced an additional multichannel communications tool this week. With Activecampaign Conversations marketers can engage with customers in real-time and capture those conversations right in ActiveCampaign.

This fits in with a larger trend of conversational marketing and real-time site interactions. There are a lot of companies now haveing a chat functionality on their site, as it engages visitors and personally guided answers to questions they might have. There are many great examples of chatbots as well, that would take care of the start of a conversation or even entirely.

With live chat, email, and a unified inbox connected to your ActiveCampaign account every conversation is saved. It’s connected to the main ActiveCampaign database, making it easy to combine automation with live chat to automatically create deals, add tags, and send follow up messages to new contacts that come from live chat.

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activecampaign conversations

With ActiveCampaign Conversations, marketers can:

  • Have two-way conversations with leads and customers via live chat and email.
  • Add a chat widget on your website or ecommerce platform to let customers contact you.
  • Respond to incoming chats in real-time or at a later time.
  • Set up notifications for incoming chats.
  • Connect a contact’s profile to a chat record.
  • Respond to chats via email
  • Respond to inbound emails from contacts from the Conversations inbox.
  • Use with automations to create personalized experiences for your customers

Conversations also has a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Site-based chat with ActiveCampaign

Conversations’ live chat feature allows marketers to engage in real time with leads and customers visiting their website. With live chat connected to your ActiveCampaign account, you can:

  • Capture more leads and create new contacts directly on your website
  • Quickly respond to customers when they need help, with all the information you already have on a customer available in the unified inbox and on the contact record

Route email into a unified Conversations inbox

Create a personalized email address that routes email into a Conversations inbox.
Use Conversations’ inbound email to:

  • Customers and leads visiting your website can start a live chat or go straight into email if they prefer
  • Start a customer conversation over live chat and switch to email when it’s convenient
  • Use the unique Conversations email address as a “Reply to” address for your marketing campaign emails, so all customer replies are forwarded to your unified inbox

Conversations mobile app

With the Conversations mobile app, marketers can engage in real-time with your customers and leads on the go.With the ActiveCampaign Conversations mobile app for iOS and Android marketer can receive instant notifications and respond to chats while on the toilet, for instance.


ActiveCampaign Conversations is currently live and available to try for free. It can be purchased as an add-on to any ActiveCampaign account depending on the number of contacts / seats.

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