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16 Ago
A Look into the New Salesforce Starter CRM

In an exciting announcement, Salesforce released Salesforce Starter – a new CRM for small and growing businesses. Starter combines sales, service, and marketing tools into an a platform specifically for small business. In this article, we’ll take a look at what Salesforce Starter is and what this new platform can do. What is Salesforce Starter? […]   Read more

19 Jul
Moosend Updates Their Drag-n-Drop Email Editor

Moosend recently redesigned its email, landing page, and form editor. This revamp brings an update to all the different editor modes and options.   Read more

24 Mar
BEE launches Dark Mode preview to make your emails bulletproof

BEE is a drag & drop design tool that can export responsive emails and landing pages to any marketing platform. Recently they released a feature for Dark Mode Previews. Gone are the days when you had to send test emails to a client with dark mode on just to get an idea of what your […]   Read more

01 Feb
Sendinblue landing page builder reviewed

The email marketing and newsletter service SendinBlue announced their new landing page builder, the functionality lets marketers build and launch custom pages directly from the SendinBlue platform.   Read more

02 Ago
Automations by Mailmunch 

Mailmunch is a landing page builder that recently launched its new automation tool. eCommerce store owners can now connect their forms and have control over their communications with prospects and customers from within Mailmunch.    Read more

14 Jun
New Mobile first design mode in BEE Email Editor

BEE (Best Email Editor) is a drag & drop design tool that can export responsive emails and landing pages to any marketing platform. Recently they a new Mobile email design mode feature. Read all about it (video included).   Read more

19 Feb
Substack new subscriber analytics

Substack, the popular email marketing provider with publishing and payment in one (for subscription newsletters) released a new and improved Subscriber dashboard.   Read more

06 Nov
ListFit, a new kind of email analytics and deliverability tool

AudiencePoint recently released ListFit. An email analytics + deliverability monitoring product. It shows subscriber engagement patterns and tendencies based on big heaps of engagement data.   Read more

09 Oct
New AMP & collaborative functions in BEE Plugin Email Editor

BEE has recently added a Commenting and AMP features for their BEE Plugin, the embeddable email & landing page editors for SaaS applications. have a look at the commenting, carousel, and new collaboration features.   Read more

23 Jul
AMP forms in Email? Stripo launches AMP forms & real-time content

Forms in email? Impossible. Unlesss... Recently responsive email builder Stripo released its new Drag-n-Drop AMP block for forms. With these interactive AMP forms, brands collect user feedback directly inside the email. At the same time Stripo also launched its feature Data Source for delivering real-time content.   Read more

15 Jul
Get free email marketing software with the new Aweber free plan

The Aweber team is pretty excited to introduce AWeber Free. The free email marketing and landing pages plan from Aweber.   Read more

13 Jul
ConvertKit Commerce: A new way to sell digital products for Creators

ConvertKit Commerce is a way to offer and sell your digital products online. With ConvertKit Commerce, creators can build a subscriber base, engage and grow their audience, and (now also) sell digital products, all through the ConvertKit platform.   Read more

22 Jun
New Email testing collaboration and permissions tools in Email on Acid

Recently Email on Acid released an update on their collaboration tools to make the whole email testing process a lot smoother. The update includes live commenting and email approval, new permission management, and folder structure functionality,   Read more

05 May
Marketo launches Predictive Audiences and AI, Bizible updates and APIs

Marketo is been working on its new Sky interface, and showcases updates on the Microsoft Dynamics integration and Bizible reporting. Add in an interesting Beta program with Predictive Audiences and AI functions and we have a good overview of what Marketo is doing in the part of 2020.   Read more

22 Abr
New embeddable whitelabel Page Builder by BEE

BEE is now offering a new page builder. Looking for a whitelabel embeddable drag-and-drop landing page editor for Saas? (I know, it is a mouth full). The Page Builder allows SaaS applications to whitelabel and embed it in their software, so customers can have a friendly tool to create responsive landing pages.   Read more

09 Dic
EmailSuccess update: AMP4Email, Wildcard domains and more

EmailSuccess recently launched version 11.21 of their MTA software. The new version includes a series of features and enhancements developed to improve monitoring and performance for large-volume email sending, as well as monitoring and performance scalability.   Read more

06 Nov
Shopify launches Shopify Email for ecommerce

Ecommerce platform shopify introduced Shopify Email today, an email marketing tool specifically for the one million merchants around the world using Shopify. With Shopify Email, ecommerce merchants can create, run and track email marketing campaigns natively inside Shopify Marketing.   Read more

25 Oct
Mailkit: Improved AI engagement, drag & drop blocks and dynamic filters

Mailkit has made several additions of its email marketing platform recently. The updates involve usability improvements and new features, including AI engagement scoring, improved drag-and-drop blocks, filtering of templates and new integrations.   Read more

14 Oct
Litmus shows off redesign with new email production workflow

Litmus presented the new version redesigned version of the Litmus platform which is more streamlined and offers a step by step email marketing production workflow in one view. It also debuts additional functionality with customizable folders to organize campaigns and aggregated reporting in Analytics.   Read more

12 Sep
MailChimp increases prices for loyal customers

Email marketing service MailChimp changed its pricing model moving this year from an (active) subscriber-based model to one which is more typical in CRM:
Charging based on how many contacts you have (even if they are unsubscribed).   Read more

12 Ago
New EmailAudit deliverability checking tool

Postmastery released their improved email deliverability checker tooling called EmailAudit earlier this year. Good senders should get their emails delivered. With this free tool, email senders can check if their email is properly set up for successful delivery. Or if there are any technical problems to fix.   Read more

13 Jun
Sendinblue’s All-in-One platform ambition, new look, and new functions

The email marketing software provider sendinblue just added a ton of new features to their platform. And did a complete refresh and updated branding as well.   Read more

25 Mar
ActiveCampaign Conversations: Real Time site chat and engagement

With Activecampaign Conversations marketers can engage with customers in real time chat and capture those conversations directly in ActiveCampaign. Live chat, email, and a unified inbox connected to your ActiveCampaign account offers extra options for direct engagement.   Read more

13 Mar
Get some Augmented Reality Email buzz with Movable Ink

Movable Ink is bringing a bit of Augmented Reality (AR) to email (and other channels). The company we know from their dynamic imaging and such, recently launched a new addition in the form of an augmented reality experience application. In short, the app lets users create branded selfies to then have fun with, and share.   Read more

27 Feb
Maropost launches Maropost for Commerce

Maropost for Commerce is a new platform that provides e-commerce companies with a web store together with a marketing automation in a single platform. It is new, freshly home-brewed.   Read more

12 Feb
New repeatable email campaigns with RSS to Email in Moosend

With the new RSS to Email feature, marketers and content creators can quickly set up digests and newsletters based on their latest news, updates and posts. Both as single shots and within their email newsletter campaigns as digests.   Read more

15 Ene
EmailSuccess now offers free on-premises MTA version

EmailSuccess, the on-premises MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), has changed its offer to include a new free MTA. According to EmailSuccess they are the first one to offer a free MTA like this. At the same time highlights AutoTuning functionality.   Read more

21 Nov
DotMailer Updates Marketing Preferences and Product Recommendations

In their Q3 release, marketing platform Dotmailer added an update to marketing preferences and their product recommendations. Both important pieces of personalisation functionality - so let's have a look.   Read more

16 Nov
New Triggered Deals and Custom Deals fields in ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign announced ‘Triggered Deals’ in automation this October and ‘Custom Deal Fields’ this month. Deals are critical and you must attend to them on time. Only a few CRM software tools have advanced deal management features, it looks like ActiveCampaign is going that way.   Read more

05 Nov
Actito Fall 2018 Release: Targeting, GDPR and Qualifio Partnership

Marketing automation provider Actito, just released their Fall 2018 additions to platform and functionality with additions to targeting, an update to enrich the transactional messaging with personalisation and recommendations, and automated data retention period enforcing.   Read more

30 Oct
Benchmark Email Introduces Contact Rating

Benchmark email has introduced contact rating in its email marketing tool. The feature scores contacts with a rating between 0-5 stars depending on the level of engagement. It helps email marketers to know who’s interacting with their campaigns and who’s not. The more a contact engages with an email campaign, the more stars she gets.   Read more

15 Oct
InfusionSoft Adds Invoices and Payments to CRM

Earlier this year InfusionSoft introduced invoicing to their platform and is complimenting it with direct payments now. Invoicing and payments add to CRM side of InfusionSoft. Marketing automation platforms usually don’t have this. The features were first presented at the  InfusionSoft conference ICON in 2015. In 2017 some on their blog for the rollout of payments for e-commerce, now it is full out there.   Read more

25 Sep
Mailjet introduces the Collaboration Toolkit

Mailjet just launched their Collaboration Toolkit, a set of features that help teams work faster, together on email. Many companies working on email marketing suffer from inefficient collaboration that results in time lost from miscommunication, waiting for feedback and approvals, accidentally-sent emails, and more. Addressing these issues, Mailjet’s Collaboration Toolkit makes multiple-user email creation, sending and management faster and easier.   Read more

19 Sep
Mercanto launches AI-based email personalisation platform

Mercanto just launched Mercanto Canvas providing AI based email personalisation and recommendations as a service. The platform uses the ESP retailers already have in place.   Read more

11 Jul
Mailkit 2.0 is here: new editor, reporting, engagement score and segmentation

Mailkit 2.0 standout features include a new email editor and reports, automated engagement scoring and more conditional email segmentation. The interface is easier to use and unlocks the latest features to help marketers improve their email marketing programs.   Read more

11 Abr
ActiveCampaign Changes Interface and Automations

In the past couple of months, ActiveCampaign has introduced several new features designed to make the platform easier to use. Features like a major navigation redesign, a new Automations Overview page, and more control over user permissions will affect nearly all Active Campaign users. Click 'Read more' now for full details.   Read more

05 Abr
MagNews launches new GDPR Consent Tracker solution

In view of GDPR, MagNews has developed her Consent Tracker: a solution inside the MagNews email marketing platform to help marketers tackle part of the regulatory obligations introduced by GDPR. In just a few weeks the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be directly applicable in all Member States.   Read more

13 Feb
ACTITO Marketing Automation Winter Release: Datamart & Marketing Actions

ACTITO just released the next edition of their Agile Marketing Automation Platform with some new functionality. The new modules including Marketing Actions, Datamart Management and a partnership with BLENDR.IO are developped to “put some extra spice into your productivity” – and save time.   Read more

24 Ene
Campaign Monitor Introduces Behavioural Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor launched new features including advanced segmentation, email based on behavioural customer data, activity-triggered email journeys allowing for further email content personalisation.   Read more

25 Oct
MailChimp automation and new features

Email service giant, MailChimp has been on a roll. Mailchimp introduced marketing automation and multichannel services for all of their users during the last year. This also includes the free tier, who didn’t have any access to automations before. Big moves for the Chimp, so what do these look like? We take a look at the major additions and the road ahead.   Read more

02 Oct
ConvertKit’s Visual Automation Editor

ConvertKit recently launched their new visual email automation editor. With it, a marketer can build automations and journeys based on the customer’s actions. The new feature allows users to see the full customer journey and add or update the emails in the same view.   Read more

30 Ago
Aweber adds tagging segmentation functionality

Aweber announced a new feature to its email marketing and automation platform. This will let users add tags and segment their email lists to send more targeted message.   Read more

23 Ago
UnsubCentral launches list growth tool

UnsubCentral, a PostUp company, announced the launch of Opt-in Central, a leadgeration and list growth tool to capture email contact, behavioral and demographic information of site visitors.   Read more

27 Jun
ExpertSender goes multi-channel with SMS

ExpertSender recently expanded its offering by adding the SMS channel to its platform. In addition to creating email marketing campaigns, ExpertSender customers are now also able to manage and run sophisticated SMS campaigns.   Read more

14 Jun
Moosend debutes Marketing Automation and Website Tracking Features

Following the redesigned drag-and-drop editor earlier this year, the Moosend email marketing platform is now introducing new email marketing automation and website tracking.   Read more

11 May
GreenRope publishes free journeyflow visualizer

Greenrope released an app called JourneyFlow for people to visualize a business process or journey. Drag and drop 4 types of process blocks, map out your flow, and save or print.   Read more

20 Abr
Active Campaign Site Messages Brings the Conversation to Your Site

Active Campaign announced their newest addition to the Active Campaign messaging suite: Site Messages. Site Messages are lightweight messages that display on your website to any segment of your users.   Read more

21 Mar
Campaign Monitor beefs up their data with Tagga acquisition

Campaign Monitor the email marketing and automation software provider announced that it has acquired Tagga. By combining Tagga’s customer data platform with Campaign Monitor’s email marketing and automation software, Campaign Monitor is looking to make the next step to accommodate to marketer's wishes for behavioral data-driven CRM.   Read more

01 Feb
MailUp 9, complete email software redesign with automation & collaboration

MailUp launches MailUp 9, a completely redesigned version of the platform and interface with new functions for automation, collaboration, and Email & SMS Marketing.   Read more

17 Ene
Evalanche V6: New features for marketing automation and lead scoring

SC Networks recently introduced the V6 version of its Evalanche platform. The platform combines email marketing, marketing automation, lead management and lead scoring functionality. It has some interesting new features and functional updates.   Read more

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