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Yesmail Interactive is a provider of online emarketing solutions. Yesmail has a wide portfolio of emarketing solutions and tools, including direct marketing applications, multi-channel campaign management, data management, business intelligence, lead generation and email lists, interactive applications and consulting.Yesmail runs on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, which provides an easy form of deployment.Clients include Macys, Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Home Shopping Network, Hotwire, Paypal, Avon and Warner Bros. Yesmail has emarketing service offices in Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Omaha, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Toronto.

Yesmail Company History

Yesmail was founded in 1995, then a popular webdirectory operated by co-owner and webmaster, Frank Addante, serial entrepreneur. Yesmail was created after its initial business, WebPromote, Inc. merged with a newly founded in early 1999.Yesmail rapidly grew into an email marketing business with many large clients. Yesmail’s growth led to a $37 million IPO in the fall of 1999, a year later it was acquired by CMGI for $520 million. In 2003 Yesmail was acquired by infoUSA.In 2005 @once Inc, a Portland, based email marketing company) was integrated with infoUSA’s existing emarketing software Yesmail.

Yesmail alternatives

Are you looking for an Yesmail alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Yesmail alternatives.

Products and services

Yesmail Interactive marketing platform
Using Yesmail’s email marketing solution, Yesmail Marketing Platform, marketers can build smart, sophisticated and engaging cross-channel marketing campaigns. Marketers can see all their campaign elements in a single place, execute them simultaneously, and get immediate results.

The Yesmail Marketing Platform provides:

  • Email planning and organization
  • Predictive, analytical and actionable intelligence
  • Increased relevancy through enterprise class personalization
  • Cross-channel campaign creation and management
  • A full picture of subscribers through data integration

Yesmail Marketing Platform email marketing functionalities overview:
email marketing and email targeting
multi-channel campaign management
email personalization
data integration
campaign reporting and analytics
life cycle email campaigns

Yesmail Forecasting
Yesmail Forecasting enables marketers to project database growth and email mobile readership, and interactively test how changes in a marketer’s plan will impact email marketing performance in terms of revenue, ROI and simple email metrics, such as open and click-through rates.

Yesmail MyApps
Yesmail MyApps is a web accessible portal that hosts a variety of tool sets that enable additional marketing execution capabilities.

Other Yesmail Interactive products include:
Yesmail Engagement Analyzer
Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence
Yesmail Personalization Ready Models
Yesmail Inbox Intelligence
Data Hygiene Intelligence

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