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About XQueue

XQueue is a German Email Service Provider serving app. 800 clients in more than 25 countries. The company works with numerous agency partners, primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary and is a member of the industry organisations eco, ISPA and MAAWG. The email platform is called Maileon.

XQueue company history

XQueue was founded in Offenbach am Main in 2002, and opened a second office in Freiburg in 2010. The flagship product Maileon was launched in 2013.
Managing Director is Frank Strzyzewski. After studying Computer Science in Budapest, he worked a total of 10 years at Accenture in IT consulting, and McKinsey in strategy consulting. He has extensive international experience in the USA, UK, Luxemburg and Hungary. Frank Strzyzewski is a regular speaker on email marketing, and author of numerous articles and an email marketing book.

CSA Membership and certificate

XQueue is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance.
You can view the certificate here.

XQueue alternative

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Products and services

Maileon is a professional email marketing software that runs as a cloud service but can also be deployed as in-house installation.

Highlights are:
- high usability
- patent pending high speed email generation (100+ million per hour)
- template builder (no programming skills required)
- advanced reporting (3D click maps, sunburst charts, tree maps, Sankey diagrams, product affinity reports, time preferences, ...)
- built-in apps (email address verification, event calendar, test power calculator, frequency assistant …)
- advanced geo segmentation (freehand polygons, drive times)
- drag & drop WYSIWYG editor


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