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Webpower is a recognized, global player in marketing automation. We give you better customer insight and help you engage your audience through personal and relevant content in emails, push, SMS, social media and on your website. As a result, we also offer you ways to save money and increase your conversion rates. And our detailed reports helps you to improve your approach to marketing as time goes on.

webpower Company History

We have been around since 1999, when we first saw the need for easy-to-use online marketing solutions. Our aim has always been to help you get to know your online audience and increase your profile on the web. We create products and features that empower our customers all over the world. And our ability to do this for you is what puts the ‘power’ in Webpower.

Webpower began to expand internationally in 2006. We are now active in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain and China (with four offices).

CSA Membership and certificate

webpower is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance.
You can view the certificate here.

webpower alternatives

Are you looking for an webpower alternative for your email marketing? We listed some webpower alternatives.

Products and services

Your business has its own specific needs. And your marketing solution should reflect this. As we continue to help thousands of businesses to get the most from their marketing, you can be sure we know what it takes to reach your audience. Deliverability, which is also excellent in China, is our core strength.

At Webpower, we provide you with the tools you need to apply your marketing strategy in ways that make the best of your time, generate leads and boost sales.

The Webpower platform provides you with the tools to quickly and easily develop your own professional campaigns. Its strength lies in the ability to help you produce a personal and relevant message for every target audience.

Our experts understand what you really need, and are there to help you achieve it. We get that email marketing and marketing automation are not your core business. We can help you out with the entire process: From designing a HTML template to managing your lists and sending out your segmented email campaigns.

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Twitter: @webpower
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Facebook: FB page
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