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AMS by TotalSend offers simple and powerful multi-channel messaging at cheaper rates than marketing automation companies. TotalSend provides Email, SMS, transactional and push messaging.


TotalSend offers all of its products via both Web interface as well as API.


TotalSend company history

TotalSend was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing a simple and powerful platform in the increasingly complex environment of multi-channel messaging. Starting out in the Email space, TotalSend then added transactional email and global SMS.

AMS by TotalSend was released in 2014 as a single solution to bring all channels together and is now a go-to platform for companies requiring robust multi-channel messaging.

TotalSend alternatives

Are you looking for an TotalSend alternative for your email marketing? We listed some TotalSend alternatives.

Products and services

TotalSend is ideal for companies who require stable messaging solutions for high volumes across multiple channels, and need a message delivery system rather than an automation system.

TotalSend’s solution encompasses:

• Transactional Email [API’s]
• Campaign email [Web interface or API]
• Campaign/batch SMS [Web interface or API]
• Transactional SMS [API’s]

Right for: Companies that are looking for messaging across multiple channels,

Wrong for: Companies wanting to fully integrate a marketing automation product.

General Info and Links

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