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TailoredMail specializes in email marketing, lead-automation and video-in-email solutions driving results for sales and channel development.

TailoredMail simplifies content creation and management for email, mobile and social audiences, and engages relevant dialogue with subscribers by giving them the choice and control of information they receive – for a stronger, more-engaging two-way relationship.

TailoredMail Company History

Since 1997, the team at TailoredMail has been creating email marketing software tailored to fit the needs of clients worldwide – ranging from Microsoft to Shell Chemicals to Precor Exercise Equipment.TailoredMail won a 2012 Stevie Award for Marketing Automation, and several industry “Best Practices” awards for our innovative dynamic-content architecture.

Matt Highsmith has guided TailoredMail since 1997.Prior to TailoredMail, Matt was VP of Marketing/Sales of Intermind Corporation, winning the American Design Award for Corporate Marketing and establishing over 200 Internet content partnerships. Matt coined the marketing phrase “push technology” back in the mid 1990’s (including cover stories of Wired Magazine, Business 2.0, and the Wall Street Journal) and helped pioneer a new way of viewing the web.

TailoredMail alternatives

Are you looking for an TailoredMail alternative for your email marketing? We listed some TailoredMail alternatives.

Products and services

The TailoredMail platform offers the following email marketing features and functionalities:

1.) Embedded and personalized Video that plays inside email
Get three to five-fold your normal click and engagement-rates by empowering your emails with video that plays-inside your email campaigns. Our real-time-sniffer can detect the email-client being used, and serve up the appropriate video format or animated image. Detailed subscriber-level tracking that TailoredMail offers; how much of the video was viewed, how often, with with platform/device, location, recency, and more.

2.) Dynamic Content and Images
Create articles, blocks of content, or images that dynamically change based on the subscriber’s interests, time of day, geography, level-of-interest, or any other database field you may want to leverage. Simple point-and-click operation is the hallmark of TailoredMail’s dynamic content heritage. We take a highly unique and popular “Content-Centric”approach to email marketing.

3.) Drip Automation – nurture your leads with dynamic triggers, scoring and conversion tracking
Tailormail will let you send out an automated series of emails (complete with if/then triggering and scoring logic) to drive the sales process, and then alert sales with detailed tracking reports. Our simple marketing automation interface has clients up and running quickly with sophisticated behavior options.

4.) Website Form and Tracking-Widget with Social integration
Create forms that can be placed anywhere within your website via a simple copy/paste of code. Submissions can enter directly into TailoredMail AND also post to your own system if desired. You have full creative control of what these widgets look like, so they seamlessly integrate with your site. These widgets are mobile-friendly, and can easily integrate with third-party landing-page applications. With the TailoredMail website tracking widget, you can get Google-Analytics-like tracking of subscribers, complete with triggered alerts to let sales know when leads are visiting specific pages.

5.) Social Media Publishing and Sharing and a Fan Page app
Finished creating a 5-article newsletter in TailoredMail that could be posted to Social Media? We give you the ability to individually-post/tweet your articles over a scheduled period of time via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and RSS. SEO-ready content can be posted to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We also offer a clever Facebook Fan Page app to show off your most-recent newsletter or survey/poll along with a sign-up widget to add new subscribers.

6.) Mobile “App-like” landing pages
With up to 50% of your emails now being viewed on a mobile device, the click-through-landing-page experience is CRITICAL. We’ve invented a slick solution, and it requires NO additional work; turn landing pages into a finger-friendly, touch-and-swipe experience. Has to be seen to be appreciated. Integrates with all of TailoredMail’s feature set, including video, forms, Google maps, instant-polls, and image-galleries.

7.) A/B, layout, link, spam, and seed-list testing
Ensure your campaign delivers the optimal performance and branding-experience with end-to-end testing features. Perform A/B testing of subject lines, images, articles, templates and more with the A/B+Winner feature. For example, choose three subject lines to try, and we’ll send each to a subset of your list, wait an hour (or a timeframe of your choosing), and resume to the remainder of your list with the winning performer. Test our what your emails look like on 30+ platforms and mobile devices. We even scan for spam words and invalid links.

8.) Easy-Import content wizard
The import-wizard takes a simple link/URL, and magically imports it into TailoredMail – ready for broadcasting. We grab the title, an image, a snippet of the content, and link it all together.

9.) Time-Release Broadcasting for optimal open-rates
TailoredMail captures each of your subscribers geographic-location when they open/click in an email. That information allows you to optionally send your campaigns across the globe at a specific, universal time. For example, if you want a campaign to deliver at 9am in each subscriber’s local time zone, just click the Time-Release option.

10.) Granular Reporting
TailoredMail includes reporting metrics by device (e.g. iPhone, Outlook 2007, Gmail app), geographic, scoring (e.g. hot, warm cold), website-visits/click-thru’s, form submissions, and segmentation (e.g. interests, themes/keywords) tracking and reporting. We also offer best-time-of-day, best-day-of-week, and a querying tool to mine any set of data and trends.

11.) Built-in landing pages and microsite builder
With just a few clicks, your newsletter articles or campaigns can create intuitive landing-pages in the look and feel you want. Fully mobile-optimized, you can host complete campaigns (content, videos, forms, dynamic images) without IT involvement.

12.) List Hygiene and IP Reputation Management Tools
TailoredMail can automatically segment your users into different levels of engagement (e.g. Active, Mildly Active, Inactive), and let you define how often they can be broadcasted to, as well as assign them different IP addresses to ensure your most-active users always go out on the highest-reputation IP address. This feature can vastly improve your deliverability, and help you keep the cleanand high performing list(s).

13.) RSS-to-email Automated Publisher
TailoredMail can take anyone’s RSS feeds and convert them into dynamic emails/newsletters. This feature can be used for any number of purposes, from automatically pushing out an email after a WordPress blog post, to publishing a detailed topic-based daily newsletter.

14.) Extend content to salespeople, reseller partners, or regional offices
One of the features within TailoredMail is its ability to extend your content to be localized/individualized to your sales teams, reseller partners, or regionally dispersed offices. An example would be to merge your sales team into the corporate newsletter, making it be ‘from’ them, complete with their picture and contact info – as if the email were sent from them.

15.) Multi-language support
TailoredMail has the unique ability to let you create and organize (any) multi-language-versions of your content, widgets, profile-centers, andd landing-pages. Because of our dynamic-content architecture, you can safely create and send to different languages within the same broadcast, if desired.

16.) Dynamic Query Builder, with automated segmentation
Query your database, or create automated segments of your audience based on their profile fields, tracking history, form submissions, lead-score, and more. You can create scheduled actions-to-take based on these results. For example, you are uploading names to TailoredMail via our upload-wizard, FTP-uploader, or API on a daily basis. You can create automated business rules that will perform actions on those new names (or previously uploaded names) – such as segmenting them into different lists, adding them to drip-campaigns, sending alerts to sales.

17.) Automated/Emailed Reports
Send detailed reports on a scheduled timeframe after broadcasts have occurred. For example, you can send an emailed-report to each of your salespeople them showing their assigned contacts click-details within the broadcast. You define what gets sent, to whom, and when/how-often.

18.) Triggers
We offer a wizard that allows you to perform automated actions when a user clicks a link (or set of links), opens an email, submits a form, achieves a score, and more. Those actions can include things such as; send an auto-responder email, send a lead-alert to sales, adjust a score, change the subscriber’s profile, add/remove them from a list or segment. You can assign these triggers globally across all your campaigns, or granularly within a specific campaign.

19.) Add-to-Contacts Forwarding and Article-level social sharing
This solution lets your subscribers tap into their Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo (and many others) address books to forward your content to multiple people. Ideally suited for running a campaign where you entice your subscriber to virally sharing content – we track these transactions so you can reward them for any successful forwards. For social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and 15 others), we offer the ability for your subscribers to share individual articles or blocks-of-content within your campaigns – as opposed to only offering the ability to share the entire email.

20.) Sales Team “Responder”
TailoredMail can empower your sales team to send out one-off, fully-tracked, email templates and pre-written content stored in a centralized library. For example, if a lead-alert is triggered based on a prospect clicking on a certain product-page on your website, the salesperson can send out a brochure or webinar invite to them using a simple interface. They get details/alerts about whether the prospect clicked or opened the email.

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