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Spently provides a solution for increasing revenue from existing consumers, after each purchase – using touch-points such as eReceipts & transactional email messages. Splently turns receipts into effective post-sale marketing by adding clickable, relevant content and visuals. Splently’s software works with eCommerce, POS, and other commercial applications and connects online and offline shopping experiences.

Spently’s dashboard lets merchants create their own branded receipts, which can include everything from their Twitter account, to special store offers. Merchants sign up for an account, select the POS system they use, and can then add their retail locations and online stores, and edit how they want receipts to look by location, adding everything from images to social media links to deals. They can then track the campaigns, from who opened the receipts to who redeemed deals, in an online dashboard.

Spently Company History

The company originally started as a cloud-based receipt storage tool, but they decided to pivot to a solution for a niche market; merchants. The Toronto-based company is founded by Vincent Panepinto and Nicholas Wiktorczyk. The company won the Humber Venture Fund business plan competition in 2011, and has raised $100,000 from investor Jim Waters.

Spently alternatives

Are you looking for an Spently alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Spently alternatives.

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