Multichannel Behavioral Marketing Platform

SmarterHQ is a multi-channel behavioral marketing platform, empowering B2C marketers to personalize individual customer interactions in real-time. They work with brands such as Bloomingdales, eBags, Chico’s, and Finish Line.

Email Channel
SmarterHQ triggers automated, dynamic email campaigns in real-time based on a unique visitor’s behavior and interests. Their clients see on average, see a 40% open rate, 12% click-through rate.

Web channel
By dynamically changing messaging and content on their client’s websites in real-time based on a unique visitor’s behavior and interests, they drive an 11% increase in conversion and a 4x increase in revenue per session.

SmarterHQ alternatives

Are you looking for an SmarterHQ alternative for your email marketing? We listed some SmarterHQ alternatives.

Products and services

Create Segments
SmarterHQ consumes all of your behavioral and transactional data so that you can build automated segments based on any interaction a customer has with your brand.

Convert Customers
Your customers are overwhelmed with options, choices, and distractions. SmarterHQ automates real-time website and email personalization to keep them engaged and focused on completing the purchase.

Keep them coming back
Bring customers back to your website or brick and mortar using their previous behaviors to automate consistent, personalized messages across multiple channels. With our built-in machine learning, your campaigns will grow smarter over time to respond to unique, individual behaviors.

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