Transactional email template management

Sendwithus offers an API for transactional email. Sendwithus integrates with existing email service providers including SendGrid, Mandrill, and Mailgun. Their platform provides insight into how customers engage with email, how individual emails perform, and then makes those analytics actionable through A/B testing.

The main goal of Sendwithus is to allow companies which don’t have any technical knowledge to send transactional emails. A few examples of companies using Sendwithus are Hootsuite, Homejoy and Olark.

Sendwithus Company History

Sendwithus is founded by Matt Haris and Brad van Vugt. They form Sendwithus together with a team of 11 developers and designers. Sendwithus is based in Canada.

Sendwithus alternatives

Are you looking for an Sendwithus alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Sendwithus alternatives.

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Twitter: @send_with_us
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