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SendForensics provides unique pre-emptive deliverability and network management solutions to email marketers, agencies, ESPs and high-volume senders worldwide.

With roots in forensic fault-analysis research, the company was set up in 2013 to prevent legitimate senders from making the mistakes that mark messages as spam, providing analysis and optimisation before an email is sent out.

The result is a higher engagement for marketers, higher performing networks for ESPs, and tighter security for high-trust industries.

SendForensics is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the US and UK.

SendForensics alternatives

Are you looking for an SendForensics alternative for your email marketing? We listed some SendForensics alternatives.

Products and services

Email Deliverability Suite
For Email Marketers and Agencies
• Unique pre-emptive deliverability analysis
• Campaign deliverability metrics with full breakdown
• Predictive content optimisation
• Infrastructure auditing
• Post-send ISP feedback data
• Live inbox-placement testing

Enterprise Deliverability Control
For ESPs and High-Volume Senders
• Abuse detection and prevention; before anything leaves the network
• Full deliverability diagnostics from IP to Domain, down to individual emails
• Intelligent IP and customer segmentation
• Inbuilt, user-triggered deliverability testing
• Powerful API, webhooks and alerts

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