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SellUp is an email marketing agency, serving online retailers and other businesses that are looking to grow their customer engagement and revenue.

At SellUp, team of analysts will dissect your existing program’s quality, health, and effectiveness and construct a customized strategy that is perfectly suited for their client’s company needs.

From analyzing email lists and selecting a mailing style and frequency to focused strategy readjustment, SellUp aims to improve your marketing tactics every step of the way. SellUp supports reputation with a performance-based, commission-only policy, producing greater customer retention, more product sales, and increased bottom line.

SellUp has a myriad of clients, selected from the Top 1000 online retail businesses.

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Products and services

SellUp offers a multi-pronged approach to assure that their clients secure a high customer retention rate in the email marketing sphere of their respective businesses. SellUp utilizes a vertical approach to email marketing, building from the depths of analytics to form a successful email retention program.

By studying the percentage of online sales, comparing results to industry averages, and analyzing offers sent to clients, SellUp creates compelling and relevant email marketing solutions that propel clients to click, respond, and act.


  • Consumer Targeting: Consumer recipients are classified into categories and receive personalized, targeted communications, ensuring successful client-offer matchup.
  • Trial & Assessment: Prospective emails and communications are tested, to assist in outcome prediction of upcoming campaigns and maximize profit and effectiveness

SellUp specializes in eye catching content creation and management, focusing on fashioning an inviting and appealing user experience while crafting the perfect strategy to hook their client’s customer base.


  • Promotional Emails: Maintain presence with a customized stream of selected offers
  • Automated Sends/Welcome Cascades: Snag customers immediately following list sign-up with powerful, persuasive correspondence
  • Triggered Campaigns: Capitalize on an initial connection and utilize auto-response emails to thank clients for a survey or for leaving feedback, offering a new promotion
  • Shopping Cart/ Browse Abandon: Encourage customers to follow through on interest with shopping cart reminders for recently viewed items
  • Newsletters: Provide valuable tips and guidance, as well as establish a rapport with clients, via informational and personal e-newsletters
  • Welcome Offers: Present additional incentives via email to visit their website or purchase more products and gain customer allegiance
  • Consumer Reengagement: Offer non-active consumers a fresh incentive for relationship re-establishment

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