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Rejoiner is lifecycle email marketing software and services for online retailers. has worked with 350+ retail brands to help them grow their email channel. Rejoiner is different than other ESPs, as Rejoiner’s technology lets you power your entire email channel with one solution. Their team of experts routinely helps brands increase their last-click revenue from email by 30% or more.

Rejoiner helps customers maximize lifetime revenue per customer with highly personalized cart abandonment & browse abandonment, post-purchase, welcome series, win-back, and replenishment email campaigns, whilst proactively A/B testing campaigns to increase revenue generated.

Company History

Rejoiner was founded in Boston, MA in 2013 by Mike Arsenault. Before founding Rejoiner, Mike was a project manager for a telecommunications SaaS company. In 2015, Mike moved Rejoiner’s HQ to Newport, RI and started to build a remote team of email developers, designers, and customer success managers. The team is now 15 people strong and covers 3 continents.

Rejoiner alternatives

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Key features

  • Behavioral Triggers
  • Drag n’ Drop Workflow Builder
  • A/B & Control Group Testing
  • Email Broadcasts
  • Dynamic Discount Codes
  • Dynamic Content
  • Global Snippets
  • Session Regeneration
  • Customer Profiles
  • Retargeting Audiences
  • Recommendations
  • Customer Scoring
  • Deliverability
  • Seamless Platform Integrations
  • Partner Ecosystems

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Facebook: FB page
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