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PostUp is an email, mobile and social platform built for some of the world’s biggest brands. Located in Austin, TX, PostUp is a team of communicators driven to build relationships between brands and their customers.

Email: Connect with your customers through the right message. PostUp solutions are built around email marketing.
Mobile: A big percentage of emails are opened on a mobile device. PostUp optimizes to deliver the right impressions for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
Social: Expand reach with social media. PostUp integrates with social media channels to engage your customers.
Professional Services: PostUp services team helps marketers reach their email marketing goals.

PostUp Company History

Joshua Baer founded the email marketing company under the name of Skylist in 1996. Skylist became PulseConnect until july 2014, when the email marketing company was re-branded into PostUp. In conjunction with the news, PostUp also announced Joshua Baer has returned as a member of the board of directors.

PostUp alternatives

Are you looking for an PostUp alternative for your email marketing? We listed some PostUp alternatives.

Products and services

Core Features of the PostUp platform
Behind every digital communication is the right tool to make it happen. Our core features allow all users to create relevant and timely messages through Triggered Messaging, Waterfall Mailings, Automated A/B Split Mailings, Targeting and Segmentation, SMS, Social Publishing, User Access Control Levels and Time Zone Targeting.

Marketing Automation
Today’s busy marketers rely heavily on intelligent automation. These features save time and effort, so you can focus on growth. Marketing automation features include a Dynamic Content Wizard, Content Management System, Breaking News Alerts, Batch Content and Image Uploads, Template Library, Automated Breaking News Alerts and Location Detection.

Reporting and Analytics
Measure the impact of your marketing efforts with robust reporting and analytic tools. The PostUp reports were built to gain a deeper understanding of your programs and guide business decisions. Reporting and Analytics features include: List Growth and Activity, List Intersection, Delivery Monitoring, Automated Email Reports, Automated Data Exports, Visual Click Report List, Link, and Mailing Categories and Segment Analytics.

Systems Integration
Platform integrations are key to delivering a versatile digital marketing platform. We understand that marketers use multiple tools and solutions, so PostUp works to provide the right integrations to make life a little simpler. Through an API Suite, Webfetch, Device Detection, Delivery Monitoring and Content Rendering, Omniture,, Facebook and Preference Center.

The PostUp Partner program is aimed at helping the needs of today’s digital marketers. PostUp’s partner team continues to develop relationships with existing partners, as well as to identify additional organizations with products and services that would help further strengthen our customers’ programs. Partnerships with providers in these four areas: Technology, Referral, Agency and Reseller. Current partners include: UnsubCentral, litmus, Tableau Software, LiveIntent, Adobe Analytics, Return Path, Google Analytics and

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Twitter: @postupdigital
Facebook: FB page
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