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Postmastery helps legitimate email senders be recognised as trustworthy senders to ensure email delivery to inboxes.

Postmastery is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and its sister company, DeliverNow, is based in Paris. The worldwide client base includes email service providers (ESPs), marketing agencies and other professional senders.

Postmastery is a channel partner of Sparkpost (previously known as Port25) in providing PowerMTA licences, integration services, local support, and delivery optimisation services.

Postmastery is a support member of The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG). At M3AAWG the global email industry comes together to work against botnets, malware, spam, viruses, DoS attacks, and other online exploitation

Postmastery alternatives

Are you looking for an Postmastery alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Postmastery alternatives.

Products and services

Postmastery Delivery Analytics
Delivery Analytics gives senders a 360-degree view of email delivery and helps well-known brands and ESPs to improve deliverability, sender reputation and the performance of marketing and transactional emails. By analysing every single email delivery, Delivery Analytics will pinpoint delivery problems, what you can do to fix them and how to avoid even more serious problems in the future.

Postmastery Delivery Analytics integrates with various MTAs (PowerMTA, Postfix, and Momentum) and delivery service providers (e.g. Sendgrid, SparkPost).

Postmastery EmailAudit (free tool –
With EmailAudit you can check your email against known email best practices and will get a free detailed report with results and suggestions.

EmailAudit will look at the following aspects of the email: Connection, Reputation, Envelope, DKIM, SPF, Header, DMARC, and Content. Each aspect contains a number of checks. The results are very detailed and show the source of a problem. No guesswork is needed to fix issues.

Email Delivery assessment service
Postmastery offers an email delivery assessment to review your current email delivery performance and to determine if you are following global email best practice. Their experience with many different sending environments has helped them know what works and what doesn’t.

Postmastery consultants will start with data collection and desk research. You will receive a report with actionable suggestions for improvement. As a follow-up, they can implement the suggested improvements or provide ongoing delivery monitoring service when needed.

Managed Deliverability service
Outsource your delivery or deliverability management to a team of experts. Postmastery delivery experts run your daily email delivery operation or collaborate continuously with local email delivery and marketing teams. Email delivery experience, expertise and tooling are available at the required service level. If needed, MTA specialists provide hands-on support at the infrastructure level.

PowerMTA professional services
Postmastery is a global Sparkpost (previously known as Port25) channel partner that licenses, implements and optimises PowerMTA for leading email service providers and brands. Postmastery can also fully manage your PowerMTA. In this case you can run your own PowerMTA without the need for your own in-house MTA/delivery experts. All kinds of open-sourced and other integration components are available at GitHub.

DMARC implementation and monitoring services
Postmastery provides the knowledge and expertise required to become fully DMARC operational. By using various DMARC deployment tools Postmastery helps with processing reports and checking DNS records. Postmastery works shoulder-to-shoulder to help you make difficult decisions, for example on DKIM key management and DMARC policies.

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