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Pierry offers companies a unique way to enhance their marketing department digitally, without hiring additional employees or investing in extensive training programs. Through their MaaS program and Platinum level Salesforce Marketing Cloud partnership they are able to put together marketing programs unique to each company.

Pierry has the capacity to design, develop and execute email campaigns, website, mobile apps and much more. With the data Pierry collects they can determine where your company is yielding the best results and then define where we can increase your revenue or ROI further.

Pierry has experience working with customers such as Spyder Active Apparel, Yeti Outdoor Gear and The San Jose Earthquakes.

Pierry was the recipient of the Salesforce Partner of the Year award at Connections 2015.

Company History

Founded in 2008 as Pierry Interactive by Josh Pierry (founder and CEO) the company’s goal was to helping organizations large and small make the most out of their online real estate. Several years later Pierry has grown into Pierry Software and has evolved into a full service digital marketing software company specializing in Marketing as a Solution (MaaS).

Pierry Software alternatives

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Products and services

Pierry Software offers a MaaS (Marketing as a Service) platform that customers can use to create customized digital marketing campaigns.

Pierry’s Services include (but are not limited to):
Email Campaigns
In Depth Marketing Consultation
Website Development
Mobile Push
Mobile Apps
SMS Text Messaging
Social Media
Digital Creative & Design

Pierry uses programs such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Return Path, Magento and Gigya in order to put together an all-inclusive marketing program for its clients.

What makes Pierry different is their performance based pricing model, which allows customers to only pay a percentage of any increased revenue they receive from Pierry’s services.

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Website: pierryinc.com
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