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Message Systems and Momentum email delivery

Message Systems is a provider of message management solutions for service providers, social networks, major brands and e-centric companies, as well as carriers and ISPs that manage large volumes of email and other forms of digital messages.

Their MTA Platform Message Systems Momentum integrates messaging with any number of data sources and applications to orchestrate customer interactions through any messaging stream. The result is more effective customer communication that boosts engagement, drives down costs, increases revenue and builds closer relationships. The customizable MTA is designed to be open and extensible.

Message Systems company History

Message Systems was founded in the late 1990s by brothers George and Theo Schlossnagle. They set out to create an alternative to open-source MTA systems that were at the time the only viable choice for high volume email implementations. The solution they developed, the Message Systems Momentum messaging platform, eliminated the rigid scalability, extensibility and management problems common with MTA-based architectures.

Message Systems alternatives

Are you looking for an Message Systems alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Message Systems alternatives.

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