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Marketing Temps is essentially Makesbridge’s support and deployment reps on a for-hire basis. There is no better way to ensure you’re getting quality work and expertise than renting out the same team that continually gains knowledge about how to get results by working with marketers and sales teams at top companies like Vodafone, Time Warner and Reuters, around the globe every day.

Hands On Service With Big Picture Awareness

The outsourced team will set up your campaigns, marketing automation, sales automation and business analytics. However they are also trained to apply critical thinking to your project and objectives and offer guidance and opinions.

Therefore the professional-standard setup work aside, the true benefit of subscribing is their awareness of big picture objectives, what messaging and automation works best, pointing out mistakes they see in your email strategy and how to avoid “over-engineering” your automation.

A Simple Roadmap To Improve Business Results

Part of the Marketing Temps teams’ duty is to guide your business on how it can use Makesbridge’s platform to improve business performance. After the first few months of your Marketing Temps subscription, your team will be in a place to prescribe an adoption roadmap that serves as a guide on ways to improve your productivity and results on an a-la-carte basis. And there is a solution for businesses that require senior executive-level deep dives into database marketing, customer analytics and messaging strategies.

Month-to-month Service Packs

To get started, you subscribe from a menu of five month-to-month Service Pack options. Monthly packages start from simple email campaign to more elaborate marketing and sales automation configuration. You always have the option to unsubscribe, upgrade or downgrade each month to suit your current needs.

Data and Digital Marketing Consulting Services

This service is comparable to what you’d find at Bain Consulting, KPMG and Delloite with the added benefit of direct implementation by the Marketing Temps team. All told, you get strategy, a roadmap and a team that will hang around to do the dirty work of execution.

The crux of the service is helping companies use their data to sell and market their products more efficiently. These are seasoned professionals with real world experience in data mart design, mass email marketing, email re-targeting, customer scoring and new customer acquisition strategies. The service is geared to mid-to-large enterprises that do $100M+ in annual revenue.

Consultations are available as a one-time strategic project or week long workshop for your team.

The Bottom Line

The service relieves you of administrative tasks associated with campaigns, workflows and list management so you can focus on creating brilliant strategies and grow your business.

Makesbridge Platform Subscription Is Required

All the implementation work is performed on Makesbridge platform. Therefore, a subscription to Makesbridge platform is required to be eligible for Marketing Temps by Makesbridge. Makesbridge is subscription based and delivered with different packages and on a pay-as-you go basis.

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