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Manta MTA

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About Manta MTA

Manta is high volume SMTP server software designed for enterprises, high traffic websites, and ESPs. It offers efficient SMTP virtualisation, allowing a single server to deliver over a million emails per hour.

Manta MTA company history

The Manta MTA software is software developed by Colony101 who were one of the first dedicated email marketing agencies in Europe. For over a decade Colony101 supported numerous ESPs and worked with hundreds of organisations on their email campaigns.

Colony101 also develops other software related to email and digital marketing, including Sentori (ESP software) and are currently developing Cyclr (a lifecycle marketing and integration platform).

Manta MTA alternative

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Products and services

The Manta email MTA software includes the following features:

  • Proactive delivery, automated back-off, rapid retries
  • Advanced email queues for individual sends, domains, and IP addresses. Sends can be paused, stopped, and prioritised.
  • Sending rules for custom send rates and connection rules per IP per destination.
  • Authentication support for SPF, SenderID, DomainKeys, DMARC, etc.
  • Easy API allowing you to integrate your campaigns and get back events.
  • Email deliverability reports help you debug send issues and maintain your IP reputation.


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