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Makesbridge BridgeMail is an all in one, full funnel marketing and sales automation platform. It is built to make sales and marketing as automated and as simple as possible.

Makesbridge helps you build automated sales outreach and follow-up, automated nurture and drip campaigns, and automated behavioral marketing campaigns, as well as mass email. The analytical and discovery tools track and expose website visitors. It reveals who is interested in your product/service and what content or products visitors are most interested in.

The platform is used by companies small and large across multiple industries in both B2B and B2C. Noted customers include Time Warner Cable, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, NCR and others.

Ultimately, Makesbrige is known for their hands on support, automated functionality, and features at a modest price point.

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Products and services

Customer support: Makesbridge’s success specialists help at every step of the journey including discovery, integration, and set-up. The success specialist becomes the go-to contact for the life of the relationship. If the success specialist is not available,help is available from 1am PST to 7pm PST via phone, email, and chat support.

Plug & Play Salesforce Integration: Integration is a just push of a few buttons (no integration partner needed). Makesbridge is known for their simple Salesforce integrations.

Advanced Features & Functionality: include a simple drag and drop editor, responsive email templates and landing pages, and advanced segmentation and logic for nurture campaigns.

Easy User Experience: Makesbridge offers a simple and familiar user experience including easy drag-and-drop publishing, tracking and reporting--making your email and marketing automation programs easier.

Email Nurturing: Automatically to send the right series of continuity messages at any stage of the relationship life-cycle with rules based triggers.

Triggered Events: Boost email effectiveness by triggering email and sms messages based on changes to contact attribute or event. Like for instance a visit to specific web page, email link clicked or number of website visits in the last month.

Automation: Automate critical micro-tasks that keep your operation flowing and on track. Automations use business rules to send emails, request meetings with qualified leads, alert sales reps, tag contacts and, for instance, send Birthday Greetings.

Sales Tools: Sales teams view a real-time custom dashboard showing most recent web visitors, email clickers, and lists of contacts-to-call based on business rules you specify. Sales reps can send 1:1 email messages and manually add or remove contacts from automated messaging streams.

Analytics: View reports of web traffic, SEO performance and social. In addition to all the basics, Business-to-business sales organizations get reports and data feeds on what companies are visiting and what pages they’re viewing. Customize analytic dashboards to track key performance indicators and perform predictive analytics.

Integration: Setup automated integrations from Salesforce, Google Drive, Netsuite and Highrise.

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