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mailroad is cloud-based software for sending and managing transactional email, text messaging and postal mail.

Transactional communication management

Transactional communications are an underestimated but very important part of communications within the customer journey. Think of order confirmations, updates, invoices, contracts and conditions, and all other service communications. Indispensable is the centralization of such communication flows.

mailroad processes these messages through one platform. All flows are reported and become manageable in all its aspects.

mailroad lets marketeers, customer journey specialists and product owners view and analyze messages that used to be hidden in the backoffice. Insights can then be used to further improve communications with the result: an excellent brand experience through good customer communication.

mailroad company history

mailroad was founded in 2010 under the label “TEP” (Total process Email) as a software solution for transactional email communications. Our main experience comes from the energy retail market. Cost savings and customer experience improvement were the main change drivers for transactional communications.

mailroad was developed for the specific requirements in the field of transactional communications. In 2010 mailroad welcomed its first customer. In 2016 mailroad has become the primary CCM software in the Dutch energy market.

Mailroad alternatives

Are you looking for an Mailroad alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Mailroad alternatives.

Products and services

mailroad is part of Add to Favorites B.V., an email marketing agency in The Netherlands. mailroad is specialised in transactional communications. Its vision is that companies offer their customers maximum value when all customer communications are overseen and managed through a centralized framework.

Next to email rendering and email deliverability, mailroad specifically caters to CCM, e.g.: rendering of letters, rendering and personalization of email attachments, and providing real-time message archiving.

Events like bounces, opens and clicks are configurable to trigger other actions. This results in 1:1, real-time and automated streams to handle exceptions and executing follow-up actions. For example, an email bounce can trigger printing and processing a letter directly.

mailroad’s infrastructure is scalable and offers flexibility for its customers to comply with data management, security and privacy needs and requirements.

mailroad Rest API, SMTP and SMTP interfaces adapt to the variety of backoffice systems that are involved. All customer communications processes are channeled through one hub, helping IT monitoring and managing performance, quality, and total costs.

Team mailroad is responsible for developing and maintaining the mailroad application. Also consultancy, implementation and execution services for transactional communications are available. The agency strives to unburden its clients by covering almost every aspect from idea to realization.

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