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About NP6 Mailperformance

The NP6 Group is composed of experts in computing, statistics, mathematics and marketing. This unique convergence of skill sets offers an innovative approach that puts your data at the service of your marketing strategy. NP6’s goal is to provide a deep customer knowledge, to anticipate behaviors to trigger the appropriate actions at the best time, thus optimizing ROI.

The Mailperformance platform automates collection, processing, reconciliation and activation of data:
CRM, web browsing, transactions, emailing, display, social… Available in SaaS, thanks to a native connection between NP6 proprietary DMP and the cross-channel campaign management solution, the platform enhances client knowledge, personalizes interactions with your customers, improves campaign targeting delivering a better user experience.

NP6 Company History

Founded in Bordeaux in 1999, NP6 started as SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing solution provider. Notably with MailPerformance, an email and SMS marketing campaign management solution.

Acquired by British group IPT in 2007 and listed on the London stock exchange, NP6 regained independence in 2009. In 2012, NP6 receives support from 3 investment funds to accompany its development: Naxicap, Initiatives et Finances, and Turenne Capital.

In 2013, the acquisition of SOCIO, statistical data analysis providers, expanding the scope of actions and offering insight on client knowledge to NP6 customers. In 2016, NP6 acquires Ezakus, a Data Management Platform (DMP) and provider in audience qualifying and targeting, to offer marketing executives a complete solution dedicated to marketing activation.

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Products and services

Customer relationship is a reasoned and highly personalised dialogue.

The growing digitalisation of exchanges between companies and consumers, notably through digital marketing levers, creates increasingly high volumes of data and opportunities to engage conversation.

This data represents a unique opportunity for brands to increase the value of their client knowledge and to optimise the way they deliver messages.

Enabling companies to maintain this responsible dialogue is why NP6 creates marketing platforms that help manage heterogeneous data, enrich client knowledge and hyper-personalise interactions with the customer.

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