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MailKitchen is an email marketing software solution for sending email campaigns and newsletters. The email software is developed by the Research & Development department of Adthink Media Group. MailKitchen is free to use (up to 5,000 email contacts and 15,000 emails/month), MailKitchen also offers tailored packages depending the needs of customers.

The Lyon-based company focuses on SMB email marketing, serving small and medium-sized business.

MailKitchen Company History

MailKitchen was founded in 2013 by Adthink Media Group. This French company is defined by audience monetization. MailKitchen has a team of 8 persons, most of them are developing the email software.

MailKitchen alternatives

Are you looking for an MailKitchen alternative for your email marketing? We listed some MailKitchen alternatives.

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Twitter: @mailkitchen_en
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