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About Hypermail

HyperText Group, Inc. was originally founded in 2004 by partners Leonardo Garcia and James Celli. Before launching it's flagship product and Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) web application, HyperMail, HTG's core focus was web development.As the company grew and built more and more web sites, they still faced the challenges of building traffic and marketing all of their client's sites, they set out to create a tool for that: HyperMail.HyperMail was originally created to be used as a back-end web site sales tool for an east coast based medical sales company. Primarily to promote overstock items to hospitals nationwide via targeted email advertisement broadcasts. Self funded and developed completely in-house, 2 years later, HyperMail is now an end to end mass email marketing application.HTG is selfproclaimed specialist in opt-In email marketing to 3rd party email lists.

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