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Hatchbuck is sales & marketing software that helps nurture prospects, reach new customers and retain existing ones by automating sales and marketing activities. The St. Louis (Missouri, US) based company delivers CRM and email marketing automation software designed for small business owners.

Hatchbuck Company History

The co-founders of Hatchbuck were entrepreneurs and small business owners searching for a way to drive sales and revenue with limited time and resources. In their previous business, they were using marketing automation software, but were not satisfied with the marketing automation software available for small business owners. That’s why Don Breckenridge and Jim Siverts founded Hatchbuck in 2012. Hatchbuck has 13 employees supporting small business owners around the globe.

Hatchbuck alternatives

Are you looking for an Hatchbuck alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Hatchbuck alternatives.

General Info and Links

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Website: hatchbuck.com
Twitter: @gethatchbuck
Slideshare: Slideshare
Facebook: FB page
Employees: LinkedIn
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