Gold Lasso

Email Monetization and Native Advertising

Gold Lasso is a provider of multi-channel marketing technologies and services that help companies  interact with their customers. In an ever-changing marketing environment, long-term client success is our mission, therefore we provide every client with an Account Manager.

They provide an feature set scalable for clients to grow their marketing without having to migrate to more expensive system, suitable for multi-channel marketing. Some of these features include a user-friendly interface, metrics and reporting, campaign automation and an API. Gold Lasso is a system designed for clients to achieve their email, mobile and Web marketing efforts.

Gold Lasso

Gold Lasso’s vision is to develop an integrated suite of web-based products and services that will provide the professional marketer with the ability to optimize the processes of planning, executing, managing and measuring their various marketing efforts.

Gold Lasso alternatives

Are you looking for an Gold Lasso alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Gold Lasso alternatives.

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