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About FulcrumTech

FulcrumTech is a full service email-marketing agency that has a strong reputation for helping clients realize significant increases in their email-marketing ROI.

FulcrumTech is dedicated to not only email best practices, but results. The strategic, creative, and analytics teams at FulcrumTech have won awards from some of the most esteemed groups in the biz, such as the American Marketing Association (“Marketer of the Year — B2B” and “Marketer of the Year — Pharma/Medical”) and The Marketer Quarterly (“Best Welcome Email — Consumer Products”).

FulcrumTech’s email financial calculator, ROIGoalsetter, has been independently recognized as one of the most valuable tools available for measuring marketing ROI.

FulcrumTech company history

FulcrumTech was founded in 2004 by Mitch Lapides, a senior technology-product executive with more than 20 years of experience in turning around or building multiple online publishing and Web-based businesses.

In senior executive positions, he built and managed electronic publishing enterprises at Gartner (Group Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer, Gartner), Reed Elsevier (EVP, Health Sciences Division – Electronic Products), Springhouse Corporation (VP, Electronic Products), and U.S. Pharmacopeia.

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Products and services

FulcrumTech eats, sleeps, and breathes email marketing. From building value propositions to figuring out why you’re not meeting your conversion goals, FulcrumTech’s technical, strategic, and creative teams do it all. Marketers work with the email marketing agency on their entire email program, a specific campaign, or individual projects.

Strategic Planning and Assessment Services: Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or improve an existing program, FulcrumTech will analyze the current state of your email-marketing program, identify where you can boost your return on investment (ROI), and build an effective email-marketing strategy from there.

Campaign Development and Management Services: Whether you’re looking for management of your entire program or just a one-off campaign, FulcrumTech has you covered from strategy to production, copy, design, testing, and analytics.

Email Service Provider Selection and Implementation Services: If you want more ROI from your email program, you need to be on the right technology platform. FulcrumTech makes sure you choose the right one and then gets it implemented effectively and efficiently.

Email Deliverability Services: From technical infrastructure to engagement, spam, foldering, IP warm-up, and beyond, FulcrumTech will dive into deliverability best practices to determine where your emails are going and why they are going there.

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