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About Flowmailer

Flowmailer allows businesses to leverage our specialised infrastructure to send their own transactional, service and system messages easily and reliably while protecting their brand and gain full control of their e-mail and communication.

The Flowmailer email marketing software was born out of a need for marketers to control the ‘hidden’ flow of automated emails their companies send out, be it either transactional, notification or other types of emails.

Flowmailer users care about how they communicate with their relations. E-mails need to be delivered reliably and should always look great. We help businesses getting the message across, marketeers to protect their brand and IT guys to rely on our technology and expertise.

Flowmailer company History

Flowmailer succesfully delivers millions of e-mails every month, supporting virtually any source system. Over 10 years of building a highly specialized software, IP- and server-infrastructure for the delivery of e-mail marketing messages from MailPlus enables us to take our platform to the next level with Flowmailer.

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Products and services

Flowmailer features include high delivery rates and speeds, responsive templates, track & trace, a communications overview via a dashboard, message flow control, anti-spam & phishing, including the use of SPF, DKIM and DMARC on companies' transactional and notification type emails.

Other features include message archiving, easy setup, secure SSL-ecryption, two-factor login, roles and audit logs. A REST API is available, and standard protocols (SMTP and SMPP) are used for generic compatibility.

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