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ExpressPigeon is an intelligent yet simple SaaS email marketing program. It will allow you to quickly create email newsletters and present your message to your audience your way.

Based in Chicago, ExpressPigeon helps retailers, non-profits and other businesses solve their email marketing problems. Express Pigeon Email Marketing gives users the tools to make an impact with every email.

About ExpressPigeon
The ExpressPigeon founder has assisted large corporations in developing systems to streamline their messages, and that is where the idea for ExpressPigeon originated. ExpressPigeon is here to bring enterprise and customized capabilities to smaller companies so that they could focus on their business rather than dealing with technology.

Express Pigeon alternatives

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Products and services

The 4 mail services offered by ExpressPigeon:

Email Marketing

  • Easy to use drag and drop editor for all user experience levels
  • Robust personalization and segmentation
  • Full undo or redo your changes with the click of a button
  • Videos Embedded into your messages so your audience isn’t sent away from your message.
  • Emails can be created from scratch or picked from a library of free designer templates.

Advanced Delivery
The ExpressPigeon team will work with clients to develop a delivery plan customized to their needs.

  • Private IP Addresses: Clients have the ability to purchase their own IP Pools so their delivery is only impacted by their messages and no one else. It gives them control of their sending reputation with privately allocated IP addresses.
  • Branded Delivery & Content: Optional feature to White-label IP addresses and content appear as coming directly from clients, which increases open and click rates.

Transactional Email
Transactional emails are created quickly and easily within the same drop and drag editor that clients are already using for their email marketing. Reduce costly development and ongoing maintenance by not building a transactional email infrastructure. Their marketing team designs templates, IT team ensures that the proper triggers are in place, and ExpressPigeon handles the rest.

  • Developers can stop messing with HTML/CSS and compatibility nightmares. They just send an API trigger.
  • Marketers do not need to wait for their IT team to tweak transactional messages. They can do it themselves in minutes with the drop and drag editor.
  • Reports have been created to track every transactional email, who received them, who opened them, how many times they opened the message, and on what device they were opened. Reports can be filtered and analyzed.

Custom Solutions
ExpressPigeon works together with clients to solve any email challenges they may have. Such as the following:

  • Tailored reporting
  • Integrations & API’s: API development is driven by customers’ requests. When clients ask for something they need ExpressPigeon can deliver.
  • Custom Development
  • Professional Services: design, implementation, and execution of clients’ entire email marketing plan.

Through Zapier, ExpressPigeon will give clients the ability to integrate ExpressPigeon with over 500 other apps. Such as Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk, Shopify, etc.

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Facebook: FB page
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