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Everlytic is Cloud Marketing Software developed in South Africa. Every day hundreds of top South African and international companies use their software to send millions of messages to their customers and subscribers.

With their bulk and transactional email and SMS engines, voice and push notifications, businesses can manage all of your digital communications and reporting from a central hub. Whether it be newsletters and notifications, to statements and system generated messages, Everlytic ensures top delivery rates.

Everlytic has been ranked the fastest growing tech company in South Africa and the third fastest in Africa by Deloitte. Everlytic was also nominated as a Top 10 finalist in PWC’s 2015 Vision to Reality Awards.

Everlytic alternatives

Are you looking for an Everlytic alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Everlytic alternatives.

Products and services

Everlytic’s features enable you to create engaging, functional, and trackable communications using email, SMS, and voice broadcasting.

Email Marketing
Everlytic gives marketers the power to implement complex email marketing campaigns with ease. A large-scale sending infrastructure ensures fast delivery, while remaining POPI/GDPR compliant.

SMS Marketing:
Create personalised and engaging SMS campaigns using the same platform that businesses use for your email marketing. This allows marketers to do integrated, cross-channel campaigns that track everything contacts do.

Voice Broadcasting:
Voice broadcasting allows busineses to send a recorded message to your subscribers as a direct phone call, getting your message across in minutes.

Push Notifications:
Push notifications are clickable messages sent from your business to your subscribers, either via a web browser or your company’s mobile app.

Marketing Automation:
Everlytic’s workflows and automatic response messages are good for lead-nurturing and on-boarding. Create responsive journeys for customers based on their interests, demographics, and engagement.

Reporting Tools:
With most of your communication channels in one place, Everlytic’s reporting tools make your campaigns quicker and easier to gain insight into how your campaigns and messages are performing.

Transactional Messages:
Everlytic’s secure transactional mail system allows you to deliver high volumes of triggered emails and SMSs, generate simplified reports, and send invoices, statements, and other system-generated messages automatically.

Subscription Forms:
Online subscription forms are the easiest way to collect user information, and if used effectively, you’ll see great results. Build these with their drag-and-drop form builder.

Landing Pages:
With Everlytic’s landing page builder, you can quickly and easily build landing pages with all the elements you’d expect.

Integrate Everlytic with your CRM and ERP platform for seamless and consistent messaging.

Key features

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Push Notifications
  • Reporting Tools
  • Marketing Automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Subscription forms
  • Transactional emails
  • Landing pages

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