Email Workflow Management for Shared Mailboxes

Emailtopia is a provider of software and services for managing corporate email infrastructures. Emailtopia’s email software platform is called Emailgistics which empowers organizations to automate both the routing and response to emails so that existing business processes become more efficient and personnel become more productive.

Emailtopia has a client base that spans multiple verticals including financial services, banking, retail, insurance, and government agencies. HP, DHL and are some examples of companies using the email software of Emailtopia.

Emailtopia Company History

Emailtopia provides solutions for transactional email management since 1997. The email software company is founded in conjunction with Devtopia, a company that guides companies in using technology to deliver true ROI. Emailtopia is a Canadian company, based in Toronto.

Emailtopia alternatives

Are you looking for an Emailtopia alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Emailtopia alternatives.

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