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Emailmanager was born of the desire of eCentry® to meet demands and needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in terms of digital relationship management. Emailmanager provides the market with a platform that has been wisely developed to send e-mail marketing in a practical, fast and efficient way to communicate with customers.

Emailmanager alternatives

Are you looking for an Emailmanager alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Emailmanager alternatives.

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Ecommerce email marketing solutions
Promote your products and retain your customers. On emailmanager you will find useful tools that make the segmentation of your contacts easy, so you can focus on managing your email marketing campaigns. You can customize your online campaign for each contact individually. The personal attention and care in keeping your customers updated about your offer converts potential customers into active customers and ensure their satisfaction and retention.

All information related to contacts from your online shop can be synchronized with the contact list on emailmanager using the registration forms and API integration.

By using auto-response campaigns, you can create a direct channel with your contacts for each interaction they do in your shop. For example, you can schedule campaigns for birthdays, for making purchases, thank-you’s for registration, and much more.

Other possibilities include the RSS via email feature, your campaigns are sent automatically from the updated data on your blog or RSS feed. You can also identify which types of campaigns or products are most accepted by your customers by using the A/B testing.

Promotional email marketing solutions
Communicate with your customers more easily, quickly and effectively! Emailmanager is a smart and practical tool that allows you to manage your campaigns and your email marketing. You can easily create e-mails, manage your delivery, and measure results in real time.

Emailmanager is a smart tool that strengthens relationships with your customers and increases your sales as well as brand awareness. Now you can safely and handily communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere in the world.

Email personalization allows you to send customized messages to each of your contacts individually, making your customers feel special, valued, and unique.

Organize your customer database according to their special characteristics and preferences. On emailmanager, you can create a campaign for each market niche you wish to target, taking into consideration different benefits for every segment.

Collective purchases email marketing solutions
In an increasingly competitive market your quick and efficient communication is essential. The emailmanager helps increase your sales and make your group buying website thrive.

The emailmanager sends your campaigns automatically when you update your blog or RSS feed.

You can also divide your contact list into various segments so that each customer, from each region, receives different offers according to preferences. Email personalization allows you to send customized messages to each of your contacts individually, making your customers feel special, valued, and unique.

There are many options on the emailmanager platform that will help you target your audience. One of them is social media marketing. Every time you release a new campaign, emailmanager automatically publishes it on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Enough with worrying about manually preparing email campaigns. Emailmanager takes care of your email marketing for you.

Email marketing solutions for agencies
If you run an agency, emailmanager gives you an excellent opportunity to increase the profitability of your business by providing value-added services. By using the “white label” solution in the marketing strategy, you can manage all your customer accounts independently without mentioning the emailmanager brand name.

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