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Email Aptitude is a US based email marketing firm focused specifically on the email channel, offering strategy, full-service management, and email marketing technology. The Email aptitude team has offices in San Francisco and New York.

With full-service email management the Email Aptitude email marketing team takes responsibility for ongoing strategy, testing, email deployment, and overall management of a clients’ email program.

The Email Aptitude technology platform adds extra functionality to the standard set of email marketing features and is Email Service provider agnostic, so it that works with most of the ESPs an email marketer might be sending his newsletters through. Most notable are the products that use weather conditions to trigger emails and analyze website behavior, called Email Aptitude Rainmaker and Skymosity.

Email Aptitude alternatives

Are you looking for an Email Aptitude alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Email Aptitude alternatives.

Products and services

The technology platform by Email Aptitude is Email Service provider agnostic, meaning it adds extra functionality and will work as an addition to almost any ESP an email marketer might be sending his newsletters through.

EA Rainmaker – Triggered email based on any weather condition
Covering every US city, EA Rainmaker allows email marketers to create automated triggered email campaigns for virtually any current or forecasted weather condition. Extremely targeted weather based content at the city/customer level.

Archetype IQ – “Window Shopping” browse-abandonment automation
Archetype IQ provides retargeting based on site affinity. An email marketer can create targeted campaigns based on URL, page visit count and more for granular email triggers at the product or category level.

Weather Analytics for eCommerce – See How Weather Has Influenced Purchase Behavior
Skymosity from Email Aptitude provides weather analytics and weather-based marketing so marketers can understand how every weather condition and temperature range affects purchase behavior on their site. Learn how AOV and Revenue fluctuates plus specific product and category trends during different conditions.

Journey Tracker – View-Through Email Conversion Tracking
Journey Tracker allows email marketers to attribute revenue to a specific email regardless if a subscriber clicks-through on an email or if they engage on one device but later convert on a different device.

Rival Explorer – Competitive intelligence tool
Email Aptitude Rival Explorer allows to Search thousands of brands to garner insight into creative and email sender trends. Filter by site name, keywords in subject or body, date range, send day and more. Perfect for savvy marketers and design teams.

Dynamic Coupon Module – Single-use coupon code appending the Dynamic coupon module helps to eliminate sharing of sensitive coupon codes. Add your single-use coupon codes to the subscriber record in real-time at sign up, integration with many ESPs.

Gender ID – Gender prediction for deep segmentation
Gender ID looks at customer first name and cross-references against our massive hand-built database of male, female, and neutral names. Our system then appends a predicted gender to each email address.

BounceExchange – Email list and revenue growth on site exit intent
Consistently capturing emails from 3%-18% of bounced site traffic, BounceExchange monitors mouse gestures and velocity in real-time to detect exit intent and present the visitor with a light-box email capture.

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